Wednesday, 1 October 2008

A New Enemy on The Battlefield

So, having driven back the Hyperemesis Monster far enough for me to be able to eat at least one real meal a day; and having warded off several attempts by the Premie Demon to send me into premature labour, I figured I was on the home stretch (2 months to go).

Yes, I still vomit, yes, I still feel ill, yes, I still get really painful contractions at inopportune times, but Baby Boy has continued to grow and more importantly - continued to stay INSIDE and so in that respect I've been on the winning side.

So who comes along to lick me when I'm down and try to get me to concede all the ground I've taken this far? The Anaemic Army, with reinforcements from the Low Blood Pressure mercenaries. Their combined attack (along with giant baby in my tiny body) have combined to severely reduce the amount of oxygen reaching my brain - hence the blackouts and the breathless and the general misery of the past 2 weeks.

I eat - I can't breathe
I walk - I can't breathe
I lie down - I can't breathe

I stand in a queue - I faint
I push the lawnmower - I faint
I sweep the room - I faint
I squat to pull out a weed/pick up a pen - I faint

HRH says they should just roll me about in a wheelbarrow til the baby comes.


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