Sunday, 17 May 2009

SisterLocks: The Costs...

Several people have asked me how much it cost me to have my hair done like this and whether or not it is/will be cost effective and/or cheaper than relaxers/natural hair.

Since most of the ladies I know with natural hair maintain their hair themselves (ie no outlay for hairdressers) I'd have to say that in my opinion it is probably more expensive than natural hair but cheaper than relaxers... that said - it is definitely not a low maintenance hairstyle (when compared with traditional locs)... but your decision should be determined - not just by cost and time requirements - but on what your desired final outcome is ie what do you want your hair to look like?

Personally, I find traditional locs (when styled etc) to have a more cultural or regal look; wheras SLs and other micro locks tend to look lighter and breezier and 'modern'. I do not have a personal preference between the two - despite choosing SLs for myself. My niece has traditional locks and I love them... my sister has natural hair (13 inches) and I love her twists too - to each his own!

However, back to the cost issue, I came across two articles today while doing my research, and I thought I'd share them with you so you can make up your own minds. Thanks to Brunsli & Sophia for crunching the numbers!

Sophia: SLs cheaper (or at least more cost effective).
Brunsli: SLs expensive (or at least not inexpensive).

Breakage: The Saga Continues

This post is partially related to the first 'Breakage Log' I wrote here:
( )

I had my SLs installed April 27 & 28th (2009). When finished my scalp was very sore and I had an awful headache but 2 ladies who had already had their locks installed assured me that this was normal. However, 2 weeks later I noticed white buds at the base of some of my starter locs (mostly around the hairline to the front) – at first I thought it was lint or dandruff but closer examination revealed them to be the roots of my hair i.e. several strands have come out of the hair shaft from the root. On some locs as much as 70% of the strands are no longer rooted in my scalp, this means I have several locks which are literally ‘hanging by a thread’.

What should I do? Go back to my consultant and have the ‘damaged’ locks taken down and the remaining hair strands combined with bigger or healthy locks or just leave it alone until my next retightening? Can the locks be saved? Perhaps ‘mended’ back into the existing locks once new hair begins to grow from the places that have lost their roots? (I’m assuming it’ll grow back right?)

I don’t pull my hair into any ponytails etc (although I have about 8 inches of hair, 9 in some places). My hair is fine around the hairline and this is one of the reasons I decided to lock i.e. to protect my hairline from erosion/thinning that can result from wearing your hair in ponytails /pulled back all the time. I am so upset that the very style I chose to protect my hair has resulted in further damage !

Has any one any advice or words of encouragement?

Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Locks Too Big???!!!

Today, I almost felt the urge to slap someone. I mean... sometimes, when you're a bit ignorant - you should keep your mouth shut. However, I suppose that if you're ignorant - you wouldn't know this piece of wisdom and would therefore open your big mouth and make the whole world aware of your foolish thoughts.

A young lady asked me how I was going to undo all these 'little plaits'; when I explained that I intended to let them lock up, she responded: "oh, you're sisterlocking!". My pleasure at her knowing the deal was cut short when she started a tirade about how mine were - wait for it- TOO BIG, cos her cousin has them and hers are far smaller than mine, so maybe my consultant didn't do it properly and I should get my money back.

You know what? Even if mine WERE too big - did she really need to tell me that? What did I gain from this observation? If I were of a weaker mind, I would have a complex about having fat sister locks and I might even have visited my consultant to complain! But you know - I read up on everything and I read about SLs before I put them in my head and I also checked out my consultant's work to make sure she was capable - and you know what? I am satisfied.

My starter locks are not too big. My hair is fine and had the parts been made any smaller, I would only have a few strands of hair per lock - which would be a certain recipe for breakage. I like my starters - they're just the right size for me. People who have nothing good to say should keep their mouths shut - if it doesn't edify the listener ie if you're gonna tear them down- just shut up.... and stop being a hater. She's lucky I didn't tell her about her raggedy weave...

A Lil 'Me' Time

I spent most of today at a spa with my sister, mother and mother-in-law. No one wore shoes and it amused so much I kept repeating in my head: "I'm being pampered by barefooted beauticians".

The place was nothing like the places I go to in London; no crisp white towels and uniforms.. definitely not upmarket - but the people were friendly and competent and I enjoyed myself. My feet have never felt so smooth and soft and the hot stone massage was delightful!

I was so relaxed that not only did I fall asleep on the beauty table, I fell asleep again as soon as I got home lol!

I'm glad I took the folks... it was nice... even got to chat to my big sis a bit - AND I discovered that she has super ticklish feet... she almost kicked the beautician off her chair during her pedicure lol... she kept collapsing into fits of giggles like a little child :) I hope I remember that forever *chuckle*

I spent a lot of time during my facial just thinking things over; relationships are so precious, so fragile... time never stlows its onward march so we should really take time out every so often (at least) to appreciate what we have, who we know, how we feel.

I am lucky to have 2 beautiful sisters who make me laugh; and I've been blessed with a groovy mother and a lovely mother-in-law. These relationships are important to me. I must cultivate them.

On another note- I miss my daughter. She would have loved to have been there with us. I shall treat her to her own pedicure and massage 'a la mummy' when I get back.

Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Happy Mother's Day

My sisters, my mother and my husband's aunt celebrated Mothers Day with an evening dinner cruise aboard the Harbour Master. We sailed along the west coast of Barbados, enjoying the caberet, rum punches and pina coladas. The food was great and it amused me that one of the chefs kept trying to chat me up. Maybe I still got it after all :)

SisterLocks - Week 1

My niece set my hair with rolled newspaper - old school style :) I actually enjoyed having her play in my hair (but don't tell her that).

The only thing is - you get a really tight curl with papers... and I'm not sure I liked it. What do you think?


In March 2009, I cornrowed my hair like so...

and rocked it like this for a couple of weeks. I even washed it and replait it in the same style. Unfortunately, this coincides with the telogen effluvium (shedding phase) which occurs naturally 3-4 month post-partum.  (Some women lose more hair than others). For me I lost huge tufts of hair from my temples. I look like I have been wearing micro braids for too long and have traction alopecia :(

You can really see it in these shots:

hopefully this will fill in again over time as I continue to eat healthiy, take my post natal vitamins and avoid stressing the hairline.

SisterLocks - Day 1

Well, this is day 2 after we were finished. 15 hours of sitting still (excluding breaks to breastfeed the baby) - my butt was pretty sore.

My head also hurt like crazy - but that was because the starter locs had been done too tight. I must remember to tell my new consultant not to tighten so TIGHT!

454 starter locks, 9 inches of natural hair.

Is Anyone Out There...?

It's me, Lioness... is anyone out there? Anyone listening?
Regardless of whether anyone's tuning in - I'm broadcasting, this is my space, my place. Welcome.

This is where I come to kick up my heels and be me,
where I come to chill and be free,
wind in my hair and all that.
Here I am. Hello.

What follows? Often disjointed ramblings... interspersed by some sensible articles on life, and love, and locks.

Thanks for tuning in and joining me up here on Chai Hill.

One Love xx


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