Sunday, 17 May 2009

Breakage: The Saga Continues

This post is partially related to the first 'Breakage Log' I wrote here:
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I had my SLs installed April 27 & 28th (2009). When finished my scalp was very sore and I had an awful headache but 2 ladies who had already had their locks installed assured me that this was normal. However, 2 weeks later I noticed white buds at the base of some of my starter locs (mostly around the hairline to the front) – at first I thought it was lint or dandruff but closer examination revealed them to be the roots of my hair i.e. several strands have come out of the hair shaft from the root. On some locs as much as 70% of the strands are no longer rooted in my scalp, this means I have several locks which are literally ‘hanging by a thread’.

What should I do? Go back to my consultant and have the ‘damaged’ locks taken down and the remaining hair strands combined with bigger or healthy locks or just leave it alone until my next retightening? Can the locks be saved? Perhaps ‘mended’ back into the existing locks once new hair begins to grow from the places that have lost their roots? (I’m assuming it’ll grow back right?)

I don’t pull my hair into any ponytails etc (although I have about 8 inches of hair, 9 in some places). My hair is fine around the hairline and this is one of the reasons I decided to lock i.e. to protect my hairline from erosion/thinning that can result from wearing your hair in ponytails /pulled back all the time. I am so upset that the very style I chose to protect my hair has resulted in further damage !

Has any one any advice or words of encouragement?


Fuesha said...

Geez im really sorry your having to deal with this. If its just a few locs or certain areas then it may be best to take just those locs down and give that area a break for a month or so, then get it reloced. I think the first thing you need to do is seek the help of another qualified consultant. They should be able to assist you.

Oh and despite what others may have told you when i had my loc installed it did not hurt at all. Yes it was a tad sore well not really sore but you know know due to the fact that my hair had just been done and pulled into something but i wasnt in pain and no one should be.

I wish you much luck with this

Bajan Lily said...

Thanks Fuchsia, apologies for the delayed response as I was in Barcelona for a while.

Your comments really encouraged me cos I had definitely hit a low point. There were approx. 30 damaged locks around the front hairline... I am going to post a slideshow series (as soon as I figure out how).

My new consultant decided not to take them down but tried to be as gentle as possible with the retightening and indeed left some of the more fragile ones alone. Oh and you're right - retightening SHOULDN'T hurt and it didn't hurt this time!

Thanks again.


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