Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Hair Products and Routines

So, we all know that the life of the SisterLocked spells no more oil for your hair - but what about your scalp?

I mean, I am cool with not putting any oil on my hair, I even said 'ok' to not using any moisturising shampoos etc... but as a result I now have the driest scalp ever ESPECIALLY after I wash my hair... it crackles up like a desert, and personally THAT is not a good look for me. Add to this the bits of dry scalp that loosen themselves after a few days and lodge themselves in my new growth and the base of my locks - well I am sorry but this is no good for me. Something has to be done.

I've tried using milder shampoos so as not to strip my hair of its natural oils so severely (as the recommended shampoos seemed to be doing) but that still wasn't enough... it was getting to be that I was washing my hair every 3-4 days just to get those darned flakes out the front of my hair! (Note - only the front top of my head seems affected by this issue).

Finally, I said 'enough is enough' and while I've avoided any products containing mineral oil, petroleum, petrolatum and liquid paraffin I have indeed reached for a bottle of 'oil'.

My chosen 'poison' is by Doo Gro Anti Itch Growth Oil Key Claims: helps eliminate flaking, dandruff & itching; eases scalp tightness....
Key Ingredients: Soybean oil, Meadowfoam Seed Oil, Shea Butter Extract, Menthor, Camphor, Tea Tree Oil... other stuff

Basically, it works for me. I use the applicator bottle to apply a few drops directly to the dry spots of my head and Le Voila - Bob's your uncle. As I said - it works for me, now I can go back to washing my hair once a week.

And for those of you who've asked: no, I didn't have this problem when I had my natural 'loose' hair... maybe cos I used moisturising shampoos AND conditioners! Lol!

The First Month...

These are some photos from my first month. Yes, I know I'm late posting them but I trust you'll forgive me as my son is quite a handful!

As I sit here frantically typing this up I'm wondering whether the reason he is so quiet over there in the corner is because he's chewing on some cable or slobbering on the remote!

Although I had my 'locs installed' in Barbados, I live in London and travelled to Barcelona for my one month 'loc-iversary' -I won't bore you with cultural pics - here's the hair. I kept thinking it would have 'bulked up/filled out' a bit by now but it still looks pretty straggly to me, I kinda miss the body I achieved when I twisted my natural (loose) hair. In these pics I hadn't had a retightening yet.

Spriggie - the first to unravel

This is Spriggie.

During my 3rd wash, (5 weeks in, May 2009) this little guy at the front decided it wanted to be free - and so it has released itself from the sister locking pattern.

My consultant tried to start him over but there's a mysterious knot in the middle so we've kinda left him as he is. lol.

Update: Since I wrote this, a couple from the back have also released themselves but not all the way to the root like ole spriggie did. I plan to leave them be for now.

Floatie... my first lost lock

This is floatie... or maybe I should say this WAS floatie, cos he's no longer with me...

Floatie was struggling for survival among the area of my hairline that was suffering from that breakage I've prattled on and on about for ages. The hair in that area was weak and many strands detatched themselves from my scalp, clumping around the base of the newly created locs and showing their white root buds to all and sundry!

The remaining hairs still attached to my scalp were weak and my consultant and I had to be really careful when washing, retightening or otherwise manipulating this portion of my hair. We'd hoped that with time, new hair would grow at the base of each loc and perhaps this new growth could be interlocked with the existing loc'd hair to create a fortified and repaired loc... in the meantime I had what I called 'floating locs' where the bases were very thin, only a few hairs and the rest was thick - full of original hair that had since been lost. While most of the 23 damaged locs seem to be happy with this idea, we were always worried about old Floatie... he just seemed to ill to be able to make it.. but boy were we rooting for him!

Funnily enough, it wasn't me who caused Floatie's demise... the culprit was my son, who is 6 months old. I leaned over him to reach something (as you do) and his hands shot up and found purchase in my hair. I froze - but before I could say anything I heard this almighty tearing sound and blinding pain seared through my scalp.... I looked at him and he was lying there grinning.. Floatie's body in his fist, Floatie's head in his mouth. My daughter fell off the bed laughing...

oh well :)

Friday, 26 June 2009

Updates! Hair Woes

it's been a while (well longer than I wanted at least). I have written a whole bunch of posts but have saved them in draft mode until I reduce the size of the appropriate images.

As for the hair:

I have serious damage at the front of my hair with about 30 locks barely hanging on - if they fall off my entire hairline will have receded such that my hair will start from just behind my hairs - yes thats how bad it is but I style my hair so that it hides it. I dunno if that's part of the post-pregnancy shedding process or - whether it's to do with my hair been pulled too tightly during the installation as suggested by my doc etc - sometimes it gets me way down... but my hope is that in a few months there will be new growth and I can 'mend' these broken locs back to my scalp.

Long term it means that my locs will have thin bases and thicker ends or thick bases (when grown back) then thin bits where the roots broke and then thick where the original loc is.

I don't do much 'styling' per se... havent used any curlers etc since I left Bim (used twice in Bim) cos I have been worried about popping off the fragile ones.

I HATE BANDING AND BRAIDING! Gosh - the end of that can't come too soon for me.. it makes everything take so long and CJ doesnt sleep THAT long...

I've had my first retightening and my consultant didn't pull so tight this time... she also tried to repair some of the fragile guys.. time will tell how many have been saved and how many will drop off.

My other bugbear is that I have massively dry scalp at the front of my head (which I didnt have before) and washing doesnt help - in fact it seems to make it worse cos my scalp is DRIER after washing! Like if I raise my eyebrows the scalp just cracks up like a desert lol... so I've been putting some top brass on it, just to keep the skin moist... I even tried some E45!

The root buds in my hair upset me... cos it looks like I have mega dandruff... sometimes I cover it up with dye... but long term I may need to get a nail clipper and clip the root buds off - they're just so many of them! Aaaagh!

Trying not to stress - but not really happy about these bits and of course the frizzy unruly stage is still to come! LMAO!... Wish I could fast fwd 2 years :P

Love ya xx

Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Breakage Part 3

I've collated a few images from my first month to help document the breakage issue. Thanks for your advice amd words of encouragement, I look forward to the day when I'll look back at this video and marvel with pride at just how far I've come and how it has managed to grow back in :)

Sisterlock Adoration: Finding True Hair Freedom: Embarassing White Flakes That Won't Wash out

Sisterlock Adoration: Finding True Hair Freedom: Embarassing White Flakes That Won't Wash out

It's always good to know you're not alone!

Brunsli and her white buds

Simply Mel's frustrations


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