Tuesday, 30 June 2009

The First Month...

These are some photos from my first month. Yes, I know I'm late posting them but I trust you'll forgive me as my son is quite a handful!

As I sit here frantically typing this up I'm wondering whether the reason he is so quiet over there in the corner is because he's chewing on some cable or slobbering on the remote!

Although I had my 'locs installed' in Barbados, I live in London and travelled to Barcelona for my one month 'loc-iversary' -I won't bore you with cultural pics - here's the hair. I kept thinking it would have 'bulked up/filled out' a bit by now but it still looks pretty straggly to me, I kinda miss the body I achieved when I twisted my natural (loose) hair. In these pics I hadn't had a retightening yet.


Anonymous said...

I'm not sure how it works with SisterLocs but I went through a fat fuzzy period just before my hair really locked and I HATED IT!

JUST Euphoria said...

thanks for dropping by my site and dropping a word of encouragement, I am glad your sides are starting to fill in it's amazing what our hair will do once we stop jacking it up :) and your locks look very lovely


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