Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Floatie... my first lost lock

This is floatie... or maybe I should say this WAS floatie, cos he's no longer with me...

Floatie was struggling for survival among the area of my hairline that was suffering from that breakage I've prattled on and on about for ages. The hair in that area was weak and many strands detatched themselves from my scalp, clumping around the base of the newly created locs and showing their white root buds to all and sundry!

The remaining hairs still attached to my scalp were weak and my consultant and I had to be really careful when washing, retightening or otherwise manipulating this portion of my hair. We'd hoped that with time, new hair would grow at the base of each loc and perhaps this new growth could be interlocked with the existing loc'd hair to create a fortified and repaired loc... in the meantime I had what I called 'floating locs' where the bases were very thin, only a few hairs and the rest was thick - full of original hair that had since been lost. While most of the 23 damaged locs seem to be happy with this idea, we were always worried about old Floatie... he just seemed to ill to be able to make it.. but boy were we rooting for him!

Funnily enough, it wasn't me who caused Floatie's demise... the culprit was my son, who is 6 months old. I leaned over him to reach something (as you do) and his hands shot up and found purchase in my hair. I froze - but before I could say anything I heard this almighty tearing sound and blinding pain seared through my scalp.... I looked at him and he was lying there grinning.. Floatie's body in his fist, Floatie's head in his mouth. My daughter fell off the bed laughing...

oh well :)


Gigglz said...

I love the terminology "floatie"!!! He is in a better place now, LOL!!!

Bajan Lily said...

Thanks Gigglz... sometimes you just gotta laugh!

A Sista Who Locked said...

Now that is funny....LOL. I had two 'floaties' myself. Yeah, they are in a better place or combined with others. That hairline can be so sensative!

Anonymous said...

I dont like the terminology "floatie" it represents a non flusher...lets use "loose strand" or "stranded strand".

Either way please accept condolences from Ton, Ron & Lon.


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