Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Hair Products and Routines

So, we all know that the life of the SisterLocked spells no more oil for your hair - but what about your scalp?

I mean, I am cool with not putting any oil on my hair, I even said 'ok' to not using any moisturising shampoos etc... but as a result I now have the driest scalp ever ESPECIALLY after I wash my hair... it crackles up like a desert, and personally THAT is not a good look for me. Add to this the bits of dry scalp that loosen themselves after a few days and lodge themselves in my new growth and the base of my locks - well I am sorry but this is no good for me. Something has to be done.

I've tried using milder shampoos so as not to strip my hair of its natural oils so severely (as the recommended shampoos seemed to be doing) but that still wasn't enough... it was getting to be that I was washing my hair every 3-4 days just to get those darned flakes out the front of my hair! (Note - only the front top of my head seems affected by this issue).

Finally, I said 'enough is enough' and while I've avoided any products containing mineral oil, petroleum, petrolatum and liquid paraffin I have indeed reached for a bottle of 'oil'.

My chosen 'poison' is by Doo Gro Anti Itch Growth Oil Key Claims: helps eliminate flaking, dandruff & itching; eases scalp tightness....
Key Ingredients: Soybean oil, Meadowfoam Seed Oil, Shea Butter Extract, Menthor, Camphor, Tea Tree Oil... other stuff

Basically, it works for me. I use the applicator bottle to apply a few drops directly to the dry spots of my head and Le Voila - Bob's your uncle. As I said - it works for me, now I can go back to washing my hair once a week.

And for those of you who've asked: no, I didn't have this problem when I had my natural 'loose' hair... maybe cos I used moisturising shampoos AND conditioners! Lol!

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