Thursday, 9 July 2009

3 Hairstyles from May

So, I am slowly but surely catching up with publishing all these draft posts.
In May I was still in Barbados so I experimented a bit with 'wet sets', knowing that my hair would be dry within minutes (literally! It was soooo hot!)

My head was still pretty sore (from the over tightening during install - see other posts) so I didn't want to touch my hair too much and definitely couldn't /didn't pull it tight when coiling it around the bendy rods. Also included is a pic of me wearing rolled newspaper - a nice 'old time' trick my niece did for me :) Results below of course.


Kay exquisite said...

wow who woulda thought you could use newspaper as a roller LOL leave it up to the islanders to be creative and make something out of nothing, being one myself I know how it is! :-)I love this twisted style its one that I do a lot but I have never curled my hair with it. I def have to try it thta way someday along with the newspaper roller because real rollers even the soft sponge ones hurt my head so I usally do a bantu knot or (Chinie bump) as we call it to achieve a curl. Very Cute!

Bajan Lily said...

Yay Chinie bumps (that's what I know them as too lol). I could do those the first 2-3 weeks but lately I've found they don't hold any curl... maybe I need to do something different.. like add a setting lotion or something... but I'm too scared for now :)

Locs2Envy said...

Love the newspaper...I used to use brown paper bags torn in strips when I was younger....wish I could find some brown bags now....those curls were the tightest and lasted for what seemed like forever. Your hair is cute.


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