Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Aaaaaaaaaaagh! WTH????

OK, I need to take a chill pill but this is really really really upsetting me. I have mentioned on several posts my battle with thinning, fragile locks around my hairline (front and temples) and I am sure you're probably tired of hearing me moaning but hear me out one more time.

Below you will see a couple of shots with 'good' locks and fragile locks side by side. Judge for yourself. I found a couple of these fragile locks recently (while separating the roots after a wash) and needless to say I started to really freak out. I have not included photos of the VERY bad ones because I am scared to touch them in case I break them off at the root (they're only hanging on by a couple of hairs).

Anxiously, I showed my husband who - upon inspection - gave me such a look of concern I burst into tears. After blubbering about my fears of ending up looking like the Predator (bald forehead, dreads hanging from the back) he offered some words of wisdom: "if it gets that bad we'll just cut it off and wear it short again" -- (of course at this point I thought of Solange and Amber Rose...) -

I know he was just trying to tell me that it's only hair... but I'm just so frustrated cos I shaved my head in 2007 and it's taken 2 yrs to get the 9-10 inches I had for installation and while I loved the boyish (close shaven) look, I absolutely hated the in-between mini afro look (before it was long enough to twist or style) and I'd hate to go back to that - which would mean I'd wear the boy head forever if I cut again! Grrrrrrrrrrr! PLUS - there were so many ppl calling me crazy for locking my 'good' hair blah blah blah - they said my hair would break or fall out and I don't want them to be RIGHT!

Anyhoo... I keep sharing this stuff cos I hope that someone somewhere has experienced this or something similar and knows what I can do to keep my locks from falling off... I'm do for a retightening in 2 days and with all the new growth at the temples - the locks at the front look like bamboo shoots (or weeds) sprouting from a thatch of moss! If I could turn my scalp back to front I would lol. So on the bright side - the 'bald' areas at my temples have filled in (see earlier posts for original photos) but it really does seem as though more hair is breaking off from my existing locks. *sigh*

ADDENDUM: I contacted my original consultant by mail and asked if she knew what was happening to my hair and she offered the advice below:

It's called telogen effluvium and usually occurs in the first year after birth because of hormone changes in the body. It usually is more apparent at the hair line especially at the temples. I have seen it with all my pregnant clients and it usually takes 6 - 8 months before full recovery. Continue avoiding too much manipulation, there is nothing else really you can do until your body settles back to normal".
I guess half the battle is knowing what you're up against! Maybe I should have waited until my son was a year old before locking my hair.

Oh well, I soldier on.... but I am not happy. *sigh*


anthia-ofo said...

Girl, I feel you. Combine those ones hanging by a thread and save those locs. Your consultant can do it for you and still stay within the partings. You'know, when your hair grows back/get's stronger, she can start new ones. As I mentioned b4, I combined all my micro/small locs cos they looked too fragile and I found a few literally hanging by a thread. So far I only lost 1 loc (b4 I combined) and I don't intend to loose any more. I did a post on my blog 'fewer strong locs vc many skinny locs'
I hope you're able to save all those locs.

Bajan Lily said...

Hey Ofo, thanks again - do you mean 'take them down' and combine them? Or combine them at the base (by interlocking them) - thus forming 2 headed dragons?

Expanding Beauty said...

I agree that combining could save those locs, you could have them combined at the base and have a two headed dragon or sew them together with a thread that matches your hair color, I did that with two of my very thin locs, you don't see the thread, you don't have to deal with the two headed dragon and the new loc is coming along just fine.

Bajan Lily said...

Thanks laloced - please tell me more about sewing them together. Do you mean just wrapping thread around each weak pair or actually using a needle to go through the locks?

anthia-ofo said...

IA with Laloced,You can use a needle to go through them. However, since your locs are fairly young, if you interlock the roots and twist the 2 headers together they should fuse together to become 1 loc fairly quickly.

Bajan Lily said...

Much appreciated both of you!

Expanding Beauty said...

I agree with anthia-ofo, My locs are mature and I literally sewed them them together with needle and thread through the locs, I figured why not? The results for me have been good, I hope this helps

ctd_baby76 said...

I think your consultant is right in that it is the afterbaby effect on the body. I lost hair around my headline too and it was scary, very scary and to compound that I went ahead and braided my hair not realising that I was adding to the problem. Luckily, this was all before I got sisterlocked. Needless to say that that experience is one of which prompted me to go natural. Then I got sisterlocked. Give a year or so and you'll forget all about this. All the best!

Bajan Lily said...

Hi ctd_baby, thanks for stopping by... since you say I should give it a year or so... does that mean that more locks around my hairline are going fall off?

Detra said...

WOW Bajan, thanks for sharing this! I still believe some of my thinning was from my own neglect, but I am now convinced that birth of my DD may have been the onset! I will be sure to post when I have my standby locs, reattached.

Bajan Lily said...

Hi Detra, I've found that quite a few of us loc'd women have suffered some type of hair loss after having our babies, so I'm happy to share what I've learned :)

I'm definitely looking forward to reading your post!


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