Monday, 31 August 2009

Remembering My Fro

I stumbled across this photo (April 2009) earlier today and it made me smile. It seems so long ago now, my life before sisterlocks :) I'd forgotten how much I loved my 'fro.

So here's to the memory of what once was and to what will be now :)

Sunday, 30 August 2009

My Niece's Hair at 17 months

Traditional Locks - I am still jealous and still kicking myself for not starting my lock journey the same time she did - since we were both discussing it at the time d'oh!

I must tell myself to be patient...

Locks have really done wonders for her hair (and self esteem). She has never had a perm or relaxer and this is the longest her hair has ever been.

Sunday, 23 August 2009

The Truth about SLS/SLES (and Parabens)

As some of you well know there is a swelling movement (mostly of naturalists and puritans) who are moving away from products (shampoos, bath products etc) that contain Sodium Lauryl Sulphate or Sodium Laureth Sulphate (SLS/SLES). I count myself as one of those people...

However, what is the truth? I've heard SLS purported as a harsh detergent type cleanser or an additive that encourages foaming - hence its use in shampoos etc... so not nice per se but is it dangerous?

I found this article today "Sorting fact from fiction", which gives a nice summary. You can read it and make up your own mind. Of course I would also encourage you to do your own research and read a lot more widely than this one article.

None of my son's baby products contain SLS or SLES. None of my daughter's skin or bath products contain SLS /SLES (she has eczema) and since I had my son, none of my skincare products contain this stuff. Parabens are also not allowed near my family's skin. (Another article here and here if you're interested).

Anyway, that's my contribution.... the main reason I wrote this was because I was wondering why.. if there was such concern about SLS/SLES, why my SIMPLE skin care product would contain SLS, when the SIMPLE range is dedicated to being 'kind and gentle to skin'. Maybe SLS isn't as bad as we've been led to believe? Maybe... but maybe not. So unfortunately, I will not be using the SIMPLE foaming facial wash someone gave me last week. What a shame.

Thursday, 20 August 2009


So I was originally going to log on and give an update on my hair - and finally publish this draft I had entitled 'Thank You Barbados'... but amidst all the fun and games at the World Athletics Championships in Berlin, I just had to come and wave my flag, now that Ryan Brathwaite has won the men's 110 m hurdles.

This is not of course to take away from our Jamaican Usain 'Buggatti' Bolt - although I have come to the conclusion that the gentleman is NOT HUMAN :) - I just gotta be proud of my island... we don't normaly get medals... well not since Obadele Thompson broke the men's 100m world record back in the 90's (only for it to be broken again by Ato Bolden, then Michael Johnson... etc etc and of course Usain Bolt :)

Ps.. we don't pronounce his surname :"Bray-thwaite" as the British commentator keeps saying lol... in Barbados that is "Braffit!"

Monday, 10 August 2009

Changes at 4 Months- DIY Tool

So I've had my 2nd retightening - and although I had a several inches (2-3) of new growth my consultant took just under 3 hours - which I still think is fast.

We're still using a 3 pt pattern and she said I would probably be alright not to band anymore (or was it braid and band) - either way I tried washing without braiding and banding and wouldn't you know lots of my lockies have unravelled at the ends *sigh* oh well.

On aside I now have a tool :) It's larger than the nappy loc tool and with my curly ends I havent quite figured out how to keep the lock IN the tool so I can interlock properly. Also if I have a small amount of new growth it'd be difficult to pass the tool through because it's so long. I like this tool but I need one that'll grip the hair AND let me pass it through the new growth without me dropping it. Anyway - I'm not ready to DIY just yet... maybe in December :)

July's Hair - Before Retightening

So July was pretty traumatic with plenty of hair issues and worries, but August is here and I'm hopeful.

Here's how I'm counting my 'hair months',

April 28-May 28: 1 Month
May 29-June 28: 2 Months
June 29-July 28: 3 Months

These photos were taken on my 3 month anniversary. I thought about doing some comparison shots - if I do, I'll post them shortly - otherwise I'll wait for 6 months :)


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