Monday, 10 August 2009

July's Hair - Before Retightening

So July was pretty traumatic with plenty of hair issues and worries, but August is here and I'm hopeful.

Here's how I'm counting my 'hair months',

April 28-May 28: 1 Month
May 29-June 28: 2 Months
June 29-July 28: 3 Months

These photos were taken on my 3 month anniversary. I thought about doing some comparison shots - if I do, I'll post them shortly - otherwise I'll wait for 6 months :)


Gigglz said...

That UK sun must be doing something good for you. Your hair looks bouncy and a nice black sheen to it although not shiny. You are well on your way!!!! Its a journey, no worries, right! How long is your retights?

The Woman Inside said...

I have to agree I just love the deep black colour of your locks

Anonymous said...

You're doing really well. At 3 months, I had 1/4 the length you have. Liking the "tucked behind the ear move" - brax!

anthia-ofo said...

Looking good girl. Did you combine those locs that were causing grief? What tool d'you have? Can we see it?

msfullroller said...

Wow, your locs are looking great!


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