Thursday, 20 August 2009


So I was originally going to log on and give an update on my hair - and finally publish this draft I had entitled 'Thank You Barbados'... but amidst all the fun and games at the World Athletics Championships in Berlin, I just had to come and wave my flag, now that Ryan Brathwaite has won the men's 110 m hurdles.

This is not of course to take away from our Jamaican Usain 'Buggatti' Bolt - although I have come to the conclusion that the gentleman is NOT HUMAN :) - I just gotta be proud of my island... we don't normaly get medals... well not since Obadele Thompson broke the men's 100m world record back in the 90's (only for it to be broken again by Ato Bolden, then Michael Johnson... etc etc and of course Usain Bolt :)

Ps.. we don't pronounce his surname :"Bray-thwaite" as the British commentator keeps saying lol... in Barbados that is "Braffit!"


anthia-ofo said...

Well done to Braffit! I know Usain Bolt aint human! Who ever saw such a performance? Incredible. Now, that controversy over Caster is soo sad. I'm just hoping it will be resolved asap. I might blog about it.

Bajan Lily said...

too true - I'd like to read it when you're done.

Gigglz said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!!! I too have been watching Usain saying to myself where are these people coming from, faster, stronger every year!!! Wow!!


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