Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Change is Coming

It's been a very interesting year so far, and indeed an even more interesting hair journey.
Having finally reached the root of my lock loss problem, buying a tool that could never practicably work, trying dye to cover root buds/hair follicles and lint(????), I've just received news that will again change everything.

For one I'll need to change consultants - which is a shame cos Michelle is fun. And for two - well, the question is - will I know lose more locks because of the changes this news brings? There are much wider implications as well career wise for example, and will I have to leave the UK to set up home in Barbados?? -- but since I can't talk about it yet, I'll just post this as a pre-shake of the laundry before I can really let things air out.


Olivia Shaw's blog said...

You new locks are beautiful... Your hair was a nice length at the beginning so they will bee absolutely gorgeous in a year. Is it possible to follow your blog? I would like to keep up with your progress.

Bajan Lily said...

Hi Olivia, thanks for the encouragement.
The 'Follow' button is down (way down) the page on the right hand side. I'd love to have you follow me!


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