Thursday, 17 September 2009

Comparisons - Breakage and Recovery

It's been 5months since my Sisterlocks were installed and 3 months since I lost dear Floatie (see previous posts here and here). 

I've mentioned several times about the breakage I experienced at my temples (search my blog for 'Breakage' and see!) and how I eventually was comforted to find out the root cause of my troubles i.e. post-partum hair loss (also see this post) because I believe that knowing is half the way to overcoming (you can't fix a leaky faucet if you don't know why it's dripping... you could spend ages looking for a hole in the piping, only to discover the washer is worn!)

So now I know I must baby my hair as much as possible and try to boost my health and so on, in the hope that I wont shed more hair. I guess having babies isn't always as 'straightforward' as one would like - or rather - I guess it took a bigger toll on my body than I realised. 

Enough of the chit chat though, I'm sure what you really want are pictures. So here we go:

This first slide shows my SLs a few days after install, you can clearly see how sparse (or should I say ABSENT) the hair is at the front right and left.  In the second image (to the right), all you can see is new growth. This was my heather patch that made it impossible for me to wear my hair up (cos I looked mega silly... lots of lil locks sprouting from a curly afro lol). All I can say is I was grateful it was growing back!
Now we're getting a better look at my right side. The first image is in the slide is from April. The next 2 were taken yesterday (September). So you can see the area has started to fill in. I have 5 new locks on this side, however they are too soft to stay in the SL pattern and so have been comb-twisted to start them off. Some are clearly longer than others.
And finally my left side. Same 'baldy' patch from April, followed by 2 pictures of the filled in spaces and 4 new locs. Note there is still a perfectly clean bald spot on this side if you look carefully. This is where Floatie was. To date, no hair has regrown there - it's possible my alopecia is back :( We'll see what happens over time.
So there you have it... plain and ugly but right there. I hope any readers who are suffering from alopecia areata, (or even traction alopecia) or post-partum hair loss are encouraged that given time and tlc it can grow back.


ps - Yes, I know I have a big shiny forehead. So does Rihanna. So what? A Trinidadian friend of mine insists it is a trait of all Bajan people. Maybe she's right... lol


The Woman Inside said...

Great to see your hair growing and thriving! Thank you for sharing.

Gigglz said...

Although you've had some "hiccups" your hair is doing much better. I'm sure in no time you will forget you even had this issue!

Kittylocks said...

This is really good hair growth, well done Kitylocks.

Titus 2 Thandi said...

Wow, great recovery going on!


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