Friday, 4 September 2009

First Day!

Man how time flies.

I know it sounds 'cliche' but honestly it seems like only yesterday I was unstrapping my daughter from her car seat - all kitted out in her royal blue jumper and plaid skirt, ready for her first day of school at St Colette's Prep School in Cambridge. She was just three and a half and she was my little princess - so excited about going to 'Big School'.

Fast forward 8 years and my 'little darling' is off to 'Big School'. I still can't believe it. I dropped my son off to nursery (for the first time) this week without flinching, but I blubbered like a baby all the way home after watching my girl walk through those huge doors this morning. Chah!

Having dossed about for most of the summer holiday, rarely getting out of bed before 11am (despite my constant cajoling) imagine my surprise to see my girl dressed and fed and everything by 7:30 this morning! I wasn't even ready to get up yet (thanks to my insomniac son!) As I peeled my eyelids apart, there she was hair done, uniform crisp, looking as fresh as a daisy. To say I was shocked would be such an understatement. She now had an hour and some to waste before heading off to school (7 min walk from our door). I still can't believe she was ready lol - amazing what kids can do when they put their minds to it!

So I roused myself (and the son) and set about the morning business, near 8:15 am I decided I should ask her if she wanted me to walk with her. I didn't expect her to say 'yes', particularly as the school is so close to our home and she's a 'big girl' now. Again - she surprised me!
"Yes please Mummy!" she shouted eagerly. Now who'd have thought??? I figured she just wanted to get it over with on her own - no need for mummy anymore - but nope, my girl asked me and the boy to come with her. Yay!

We had a nice mother/daughter chat (about nothing of course) on the brief walk over. La-di-da. The son seemed super excited to be out in his buggy so 'early' in the day hahaha. He just likes watching cars... weirdo :)

A couple yards from the school gate I said to my girl, "you know I can turn around here if you like. That way people won't see that you walked to school with your mum..."
She looked at me as though I had 4 breasts.
"I don't care what people think, you're my mum! Come on!"
If I wasn't such a hardcore Bajan/stuff upper lip Briton I'd have collapsed in a fit of tears right then and there. But I didn't. (I'm sure she thanked me for that hahaha).

I got to walk her right up to the doors, I made sure she was going to right building etc and gave her a big hug, she turned for her kiss - boy was I glad she's not too big to still want a kiss as well as her cuddle :)

There goes my baby. I watched her flick her hair, straighten her clothes and fix her bag on her shoulder before marching off towards the school hall for morning assembling. My baby... all grown up (well kinda) lol.

That stuff upper lip nonsense got me back down the hill from the school, but as soon as I was back on the road the tears fell. Honestly, I'm such an emotional wreck at times! Pathetic me :P

Anyway - just wanted to share (as usual). Oh and this reminds me again... what on earth were we thinking - one child in secondary school and the other just starting nursery???? If I'm so silly with the girl making the transition and I'm [ ] now, what's gonna happen when the boy goes off in 10 years? Obviously the shock will kill me. Crikey!


Anonymous said...

Just broke down reading this. Awww.. "you're my mum". May God bless her with great friends. :)

Bajan Lily said...

ps - if you broke down reading "you're my mum" I don't feel so bad for breaking down on the way home. The baby was looking at me like "whah happen to yuh? Try and watch de road before you push me under a bus!"

Uncle Lou said...

Ha ha ha, I can see CJ thinking exactly the same thing - might be saying what she being so emotional about - better not do that when I get that age LOL.


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