Thursday, 3 September 2009

SLS Update (New SIMPLE product)

I went back to Boots today and it was pretty dismal going - practically everything has SLS in it... (everything being shower gels, body washes etc). Maybe the old folks really did know what they were doing when they used SOAP. (LOL)

I did however note that most (if not all) 'Non-Foaming' products and products made specifically for the treatment of 'very dry and/or sensitive skin' and/or 'eczema' rarely contained SLS. Some do contain liquid paraffin, paraffinum or mineral oil though - so I guess you can choose your poison. Me? I'll take a small dose of good old petrolatum over SLS any day.

I didn't find SLS listed in any of the Palmolive body washes, and obviously it's not in the E45 range either. I also found a 'new' facial wash to replace the last one that was banished a few weeks ago.

It's called 'Kind to Skin Refreshing Facial Wash' and as you can see from their page - no SLS listed. Their Smoothing Facial Scrub is also SLS free. They also have a new DERMA range which has a non-foaming shower gel (fragrance free) which I just used and am fairly happy with (although I prefer Burts Bees, this is cheaper!) Oh yeah and on each page Simple lists the ingredients with links to further explanations of what each one is: SLS is quotes as being a foaming cleanser. Nothing more.

however, IMO, if the bloke over at Burt's can find a way to create a gentle foaming cleanser using Coconut and Sunflower oils, surely other companies can too... Then again SLS is cheap, which is obviously why an SLS based body wash costs from just £0.99 whereas Burt's stuff rings in at £11.75 (or £8 for Baby Bee washes). Hmmmmm...

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