Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Comparisons - 5 months

Throughout this time I haven't really thought that my hair has been growing. Clearly that's silly because, for example, my temples have sprouted new locs (chubbies) so something must be happening - but personally I didn't think I could see much difference.  This is clearly why you should take lots of photos and compare them after a while :)

So this morning, I dug around for an old photo of the back of my head and compared it with one of those I took earlier this week. Lo and behold, I can see a change!  Gone are the wispy fluffy looking things Lisa gave me in April!  Instead my hair looks fuller and happier and there is definitely a lot more bounce to the ounce than those days!

Now I know that Gigglz measured her hair length recently and 'noted' that it seemed to be the same length as when she started (clearly that was an optical illusion I say!). So I was a bit nervous when it came to measuring mine... SHE WAS RIGHT! Hahahahahhaha. I am now measuring 8 inches on top, and 7 around the back and sides - after starting with 9 inches of natural hair. Wow.

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