Monday, 5 October 2009

I Had A Sisterlocks Moment!

So I've been rumbling around London with this 'hairstyle' for a good few months now.
Not one person has 'recognised' them .... until today! Result! Muhahahahah!

Most days people ask me "Who siddown and plait your hair so small?"

Most people (with natural hair) have asked how much it cost to have it done and how long it took and of course - how I wash it. None of them thought they were locks though.  Several times friends have done a double take - literally! - when I tell them I am growing locks in response to their query about how long it's gonna take me to undo 'all those tiny plaits'. LOL.

Today that all changed. I was leaving the doctor's office when a nurse walked past me, then spun around and thrust her hands into my hair.  "Are these those sister twist things?"

Before I could answer, another nurse had walked over and corrected her "Sisterlocks." (Her hands also went into my hair).

All I could do was hold my notes and nod as a third nurse joined us.

First nurse to the third nurse :"But they don't look like yours"

Third nurse shakes her locks and says "That's because your hair texture determines how they look - everyone's different."

I nod in agreement, personally I thought her locks were lovely.

Second nurse:"Hmmm, you have perm at the ends?"
Me: "No, there is no perm in my hair" - I get tired of that question, can you tell?
First Nurse:"How long have you had them?"
Me: "Five months"

All 3 nurses: "Only 5 months? Wow!" --- this prompted me to go home and compare my month 1 vs month 5 pictures because I hadn't noticed much of a difference.

There were more questions, who installed them, who maintains them; why don't I go to x person in Grove Park instead of y person in Sydenham. Blah blah blah - but most impressively,the first nurse, who had about 12 inches of lovely brown relaxed hair said
"I've been thinking of getting these ever since (Nurse 3) did hers 2 years ago..."

to which both Nurse 3 and I shouted "Just do it!" LOL.

Nurse 3 even high fived me hahahhaha.

What a trip!


Nubian1 said...

Keep spreading the word girl...we've got a lot of ground to cover. lol

Gigglz said...

You are so funny! I "giggled" out loud reading this post! keep on being that walking advertisement. And might I add your locks are looking real good in the picture!

anthia-ofo said...

LOL. Nobody has recognised mine as sisterlocks, although I get compliments. Yours certainly look good.

E. RaMona (Alaiyo) said...

very interesting story....i had to make sure i was keeping an accurate tracking of which nurse was speaking when! your hair looks great.

JustRueJ said...

Hello! Love your hair! I have today decided to take the plunge and start on my sisterlocks journey! But I have no idea how to start! my hair is natural but not very long but a friend siad i could get started with twist braids in so I dont have to have short locks (dont look good with short hair and my hair takes ages to grow!) Do you know someone in London you could reccomend where I could get this done? Please advise, many thanks rue.


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