Friday, 2 October 2009

My Hair at 5 Months.

Ok, please excuse the razzy eyebrows, I'd just washed my hair and they decided to do their own thing. Besides, you're meant to be looking at the hair on my head not my face lol! Also, His Royal Highness (the husband) wasn't feeling too cooperative so the shots aren't as 'good' as I would have liked in terms of position and angle but you'll get the general idea.

I stretched two front locs to see how far they could reach. If you look carefully, you can see that these have thicker ends (from my eyebrows down). This is from that hair issue I had where I was losing hair from the root but it stayed trapped in the lock.

In this (3rd) image, you can see some of the newly started locs... they look like round fat stumps (at least to me they do). They're my chubby friends. Most of my ends are either open and straight or open and curly. Quite a few at the front have unravelled halfway up the loc (from the ends down), I plait a few of them but for the most part I have just left them open. We'll see what happens.

This last image caused 'bare friction' between myself and HRH (ok it wasn't that bad lol), I had asked him to take a shot of me stretching one of the back locs to see how long it was. This was what he took. He says that if I wanted to actually be able to see the lock at the same time, I should have been more specific. I guess he thought I just wanted to stand in that position to show you guys my watch and rings. LOL.  When we're speaking to eachother again, I'll take another shot but for now trust me when I tell you that the loc I am holding is between my index and middle fingers.

By the way, I am using 'LOC' instead of Lock because my hair isn't locked yet - so I'd feel like a bit of a fraud calling them locks :)
Another razzy eyebrow pic but if you pay attention to the hair you can see it kinda has a layered look about it.



Anonymous said...

You are hilarious and should consider writing a book

Gigglz said...

You're a mess (and I mean that in the best way)!!! Your locs look good with the curly ends. How do you wear them the majority of the time? Freestyle, curled?

I noticed the thicker ends in your front lock only because you mentioned it. Open or closed ends, we need to all learn to let our hair do its own thing. I started noticing my hair unraveling from the ends too..I don't pay it any mind and keep on keeping on...!! It will lock eventually because there is no turning back!

Bajan Lily said...

@Gigglz re: my chubby ends: "d'oh!" I shall never mention them again LOL!

The Woman Inside said...

ROFL! Girl your hair looks great!! and It looks like their ready to lock

anthia-ofo said...

Your locs are coming along just fine. I like those chubby friends. I've got 2 of my own. LOL @ showing us your watch and rings.


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