Friday, 6 November 2009

My Thoughts on... The Loc Soc by Shades of Colour

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So, while I try to remember what I've done with my camera so I can post my '6 months' comparison photos, I thought I'd do another review.

I'm still combining DIY and 'Salon visits' on account of the fragile areas around my hairline.I went to my Consultant (Carol) this week, and despite having retightened my hair myself on October 3rd, this was my longest session to date. It would appear as though i've had a growth spurt because it took almost 4 hours to interlock 4 weeks of new growth - come again? When I was seeing Michelle, it would take around 3 hours to do 8 weeks of growth... so clearly this spurt is not in my mind...

Anyway, I happened across a rack of loc socs at Carol's place on Monday; a funny looking thing like a cardboard monster with loads of tongues (socks) hanging out. At least that's what it looked like to me (but I've been feeling weird lately)...

I'd heard of lock socks before, and had always thought about getting one, but I've never seen any on my regular travels - at least not before now :)  So I picked a colour and paid the charge and off I went.

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Although there were quite a few solid coloured and patterned socs to choose from, I stuck with BLACK, because I figured I'd get more wear out of it.  This gives me the option of being able to wear it out of the house as well as sleeping in it (but obviously not on the same day!)

The soc is made by Shades Of Colour (wesbite listed below) and consists of one elasticated and one free formed end. It is of course, cylindrical in shape.   Not just useful for keeping fluff and stuff outta your hair or keeping your hair neat while you sleep; it can also be twisted and folded in and around your locs to create attractive hairstyles (hence why you can wear it out of the house!).

The Rundown

  • Website:
  • Cost (in UK) : £10.00 (which is about $6 more than the $12 US price on their website!  However, they don't ship internationally, so maybe the p&p and handling charges account for this markup.)
  • Size: 21 by 51 inches (although longer sizes are available)
  • Fabric: Lycra (not satin or silk but at least it's not cotton).

The Lowdown
Their website lists 10 reasons to use a Loc Soc, I shall respond to each one.

  1. Protects Your Hair From Dust and Lint
    --Yup, fits snugly so my hair is well protected whether in bed, in the shower or while vacuuming under my daughter's bed!
  2. Makes a Fashion Statement
    --Yup, once you figure out how to wrap it in  a way that is most complimentary for you! This statement is also true if you buy one of the funkier patterns.
  3. Protects Your Hair From the Elements
    -- Well this is the same as number 1 if you ask me; however, I should point out that it is not waterproof and therefore doesn't protect from ALL the elements. It's not fire proof either ... so really this statement should read 'protects from wind and dirt' i.e. just two of the elements.
  4. Comfort and Protection While Sleeping
    --Absolutely! Sooooooooooo comfy and didn't 'ride off' either!
  5. Stylish Colors and Prints
    --Yup, but I still bought the black one hahah.
  6. Perfect for those “Bad Hair Days”
    -- What 'Bad Hair Days'? I have Sisterlocks (*guffaws at myself*); but I suppose, if for some strange reason, you and and your natural or locked hair were having some weird bad hair day - this would be great for wrapping it up! (This would work for relaxed hair as well of course).
  7. Helps Control Perspiration
    --eh???? I didn't get this one. If they mean you will sweat less because your hair won't be all in your neck making you hot, then OK... otherwise??? nope, I don't get it.
  8. Helps To Train Your Locks To Go In One Direction
    --- Maybe... if you want the locks along the hairline at the back to stick up... but I suppose, if you didn't tuck your lucks under like that and let them lie flat against your neck (which might make you hot I should add, totally destroying the statement at number 7) then all your locks would theoretically lie flat away from your forehead (unless you parted them in the middle).
  9. Accessorize Your Clothing
    --Yup, see comments at points 2 and 5.
  10. It makes sense!!!!!!!!
    --- If you say so. I'd rather you gave me a more solid reason for number 10, because this one is too subjective.
So there you have it, a mini-review. Be warned that if you have a young baby, he will look at you funny for a long time when you first approach him wearing the lock sock... he may also try to snatch it off your head so he can play with (pull out) your hair as normal. Take it from me.

Fellow SL Blogger 'SpicyLocks' has reviewed other loc socks and has quite a few cute pics to go with it! See for yourself...

I liked it, but that doesn't mean there aren't better brands out there or cheaper alternatives. I just came across this one and for now it's my new best friend. Something else for my husband to moan about - something along the lines of  "Why y'all women gotta wear hats in bed?". Ah the price of beauty.


Gigglz said...

Loc Soc huh!? I'm with your hubby on this one. wear nothing on those beautiful locks to bed!! Thats one of the advantages of having them, not having to cover them up at night. Get the satin/silk pillowcase.

Bajan Lily said...

Lol ok ok , I consider myself TOLD!
No 'hats' in bed :)

Dawn-Chere said...

These sound like a really interesting thing to play if only i could get my hands on one!"

Bajan Lily said...

Gimme £16 and I'll hook you up! lol

The Woman Inside said...

Yeppers I think I will look into getting a soc. It would have been great for right now bc my new consultant asked me not to wash my hair. My Lawd!!! it has been 3 weeks or so and I am dying.

Jemjt77 said...

Can these be purchased in the uk. Maybe under anthoer name?

Bajan Lily said...

Haven't found anything similar yet but I'll update the blog when I do!


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