Thursday, 12 November 2009

Straight Hair??

I have now been on this Sisterlocks journey for over 6 months - yes, I know I owe you some pictures but you know how 'helpful' the husband is at taking pics of my hair, and I haven't yet figured out what I've done with my own camera so bear with me... please.

Six months in and looking at other ladies' blogs, I can see their hair thickening up and changing; so I thought I'd give an update on what is happening with my own hair.

Apart from sprouting new baby sized locks (the stubbies) at my temples, I have lots and lots of straight hair: locks where the ends are just straight.

What's up with that? LOL, You'd think I'd been at them with a flat tong or something (and I haven't!)

Some of my locs-in-waiting have 'knots' or lumps about halfway down them, above the lump (towards the scalp side) the SL pattern is intact - if a little loose. From the lump to the ends, it's variable: some locs are open and curly, some are open and straight and some (the goody two-shoes ones) have retained their pttern as well. Good babies :)

Then there are these weirdos.  LOL.

With the front of my hair restored, I've tried using my soft curlers again. However, I've noticed that my hair has not held the curl  AT ALL.
Not a smidgeon.
Not even after being left in overnight.
It actually just came out looking straight(er than before)!!!

And no, I didn't use any product.  Funnily enough, if I braid my hair overnight it holds the crimp, a crimpy curl too if I tucked the ends under!  Go figure...

So basically, at 6 months my hair is

  • still full of skinny little locs, although with the unravelled ends (like sprig), my hair looks fuller and bounces (which is cool).
  • peppered through with lots of straight ends. A mystery I tell you.
  • growing; I can see visible changes in my length and the sparse (bald) areas at my temples have given birth to 9 newbies.
  • feeling different i.e. harder and drier (as opposed to feeling soft and springy almost like my double strand twists used to feel like).
  • not locked up .. yet. (In fact, at the back it looks a bit matty! Oh no!)


The Woman Inside said...

I am so fascinated by your straight ends esp because your not using oils or products. What shampoo do you use? Well I guess you are in the teenage stage so your closer to getting locked. Let's see what happens over the next 3 months.

Dawn-Chere said...

Believe me you're not the only one with the straight ones, the ones with the ends that are ALWAYS open and the occasional weird ones that don't have an explanation! I've come to love them and their "personalities" though lol

The stubbies at the temples and I are enemies! I've got a patch of fluff on the left side that refuses to hold a twist so it's quite a challenge to style my hair since I don't like leaving it down now that it's a lot longer...will probably get a proper side bang when I go home for Christmas and see if that helps.

As for them feeling harder and drier, I was devastated at first because I thought everyone else had soft springy locs (judging by a first glance) but I'm guessing this is quite normal.

I've had my sisterlocs for almost 4 1/2 years now and I've found the only way to get it to curl recently is by plaiting it (damp) and leaving it to dry. The flexi rods and perming rods (yup i used them when they were shorter lol) DO NOT work anymore...much to my disappointment. Granny plaits aren't cute so I try to schedule that for weekends that I don't have to leave the house for any major social gatherings lol

Bajan Lily said...

@ TWI, I am mainly using the SL starter shampoo (see my post on dry scalp).

@D-C: thank goodness! I thought I was some kind of mutant!
Thanks thanks thanks for this!
and LMAO re: granny plaits. I sooooooooo know what you mean!!!

Michelle said...

I second Dawn's emotion!

For my hair to curl after 5 years of sisterlocking, my hair still has a mind of its own.

I too am relegated to the house for the whole weekend if I want to risk "curling" my hair with my soft spike rollers.

Since I'm SOOOO lazy and won't want to spend all of my free time indoors, is bare straight hair I duz wear!

The Woman Inside said...

Well Bajan sometimes our hair will just do what it wanna do! lol
I do think that when your locks feel harder that is just apart of the locking process.

Gigglz said...

Bajan - don't worry what those crazy ends are doing, they are doing what they need to in this journey. Just go along for the ride, the most important thing is that your hair is changing (harder) and growing so progress is being made, just not what you anticipated :-)


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