Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Big Hair and a Compliment from HRH

Ok guys, I'm back. Thanks for your patience.  I have been reading, just not writing... but I am back.

This blog is entitled 'Love, Life & Locks': I've recently added 'London' to the end since I discovered another blogger who started their SL journey around the same time I did, was also publishing to a similar title. I don't know whose blog was first but no offence was intended on my part, so I've amended mine.

I've been blogging for about 3 or 4 years now, I have an anonymous blog (that shall remain so) and this one muhahah. I like the outlet it gives me to get stuff off my chest and to simply share my thoughts with whomever might be interested.

Love, Life and Locks... hmmmm, I haven't blogged much about LOVE here though (despite title) and that's because my beloved is a rather a private man and prefers to keep our (HIS) business to himself :) My nickname for him is HRH (His Royal Highness ) because he really does act like a King (yup, a royal pain in the .. Just kidding!) He acts like a King and most days I treat him like one, which is fine cos he treats me like a Queen and that works for us.

HRH has made no bones about not being THAT impressed with my decision to grow locks. He's a 'like to run my fingers through your hair' type of guy and doesn't like the 'rougher' feel of locks (when compared to the smoothness ? Softness of my free flowing/ loose naps. He respects that this is my head though, definitely let's me get on with it but... Let's just say he hasn't been jumping for joy :)

To celebrate my son's first birthday, I wore a braid out. The prep was pretty simple. I washed my hair (SL shampoo) then made 6 large braids; 1 either side of my head, 2 braids at the top, and 2 french braids down the back. Once dry, I covered my hair with my beloved loc soc and went to bed. When I undid the braids the following afternoon and finger combed my hair, HRH did a double take and actually paid me a compliment!

"Your hair looks good like that" he said, "I like it". Might not sound like much but for someone who doesn't see much beauty in locked hair (or braided hair or weaves) it meant the world to me! (Cue love hearts floating across the room hahah)

I must admit, braid outs give me oodles of volume. I look like I have loads of big bouncy hair! I walk with an extra spring in my step, humming away about 'walking on sunshine' even though it's 4 degrees and grey outside; enjoying the way the wind blows through my hair. And I don't think my afro loved the wind this much!

[pictures to follow]

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Felicia said...

Compliments from your significant other are always nice!!! The locks are for us, but it's nice when others enjoy them too!!


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