Tuesday, 19 January 2010

DIY: Fixing Holes in Your Locks

"There's a hole in my lock-ettes, dear sista, dear sista,
"There's a hole in my lock-ettes, dear sista, a hole!"
"So fix it, dear sista, dear sista, dear sista,
just fix it dear sista, dear sista fix it!"

So I did.

I found this 'hole' in one of my locs on the left side of my head while retightening this week.

"Hmmm..." I thought, "How'd that get there?" and more importantly - "How do I fix it?"

Well, once again I have to give thanks to the online community and the usefulness of the internet; I especially need to thank Kalia Dewdrop whose video and related posts ( here and here ) equipped me with everything I needed to give it a go. Knowledge is power I tell you!

Some things I did differently - for one, I don't use a latch hook. That thing looks so 'huge' and cumbersome I refuse to touch it. No offence to anyone who does use it OK? To each his own.  I used ole faithful 'Yarnie' for this - and I have even included another pic of him for those of you who were wondering.

(Yarnie is of course what's left of a cut down plastic yarn needle, whose eye I widened by following Nubian Princess' video instructions - gotta love YouTube!)

Here is a pic of the repaired loc - not bad even if I do say so myself. (Apologies for low quality images, had to use my camera phone and it doesn't have a very good flash).

Nubian and Kalia's videos are included below for those of you who are interested.

and the video is here:


Bajan Lisa said...

nice... unfortunately we don't get that hook here! :(

Bajan Lily said...

Yarn needle? Cheap, cheerful and effective - when you can't get your hands on the SL or Nappy loc tools!

Brown ButtahFly said...

You tube is the best! You can find any and everything on there!

You did a great job!

Thanks for stopping by my blog, I answered your question in the comment section.

Take Care

msfullroller said...

Hole...what hole? lol Sis you did a great job. I'm like you about the latch hook. Cute opening to your post!

Felicia said...

Knowledge is power!!! Thank you!!

Detra said...

SMH, I can not tell you enough, how many nappy loc tools, I have lost, how many S&H charges I have paid when reordering it, and to see this post makes me want to puke...LOL....Thank ya Thank ya so much for sharing!


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