Friday, 1 January 2010

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year from my family to yours.
May your days be filled with peace and prosperity;
May you overcome obstacles that previously held you back;
 May you expand your borders and may that which had been stolen or wrongfully taken from you be returned and restored;
May your cupboards never be empty;
May your children call you 'wonderful';
May your friends and family call you 'a blessing';
May your spouse/partner respect your perspective;
May you walk in wisdom and in favour; bringing love and solace to those you meet;
May peace fill your footsteps so that wherever you walk you leave a trail of harmony;
May you be healed and whole.

And if you're bored you can look at this pictures of me dancing about on Christmas day and laugh. (Baby was nice to me that day).

All the best!


Kay exquisite said...

I love this! Happy New Year!!

E. RaMona (Alaiyo) said...

Awwww, you look so cute! Happy New Year!

Renee said...

Happy New Year. Looks like you had a blast over the holidays!

Coco Pebb said...

Adorable! The 'baby bump' is so cute and compact! Enjoy!

V @ Locks-N-Motion said...

Happy New Year! You look so cute pregnant.


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