Tuesday, 12 January 2010

If My Locks Ever Look Like This....

If My locks ever look like this :

I will chop them off post haste.

Of course, you can argue that all he needs is a retighten or a good palm rolling session etc. - but seriously, if I ever look like that, they're coming off!


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

The tattoo on the side of his face says "misunderstood". Maybe you misunderstand him...lol. Personally, I've seen worst.

By the way, what do your locks look like? I haven't seen a picture lately. Just wondering!

Anonymous said...

That's harsh!!! Hopefully ... it's just a bad hair day :)"

Anonymous said...

If I were those locks on dat face I would jump to fuck off. No one would have to cut me. Lol

Anonymous said...

@ anonymous who swore:
Lil Wayne is HOTTT.
Yes. I said it. :p

Gigglz said...

They do look as raggedy and beat down as they want to!! However, it works with his whole ...I guess I would use the word "persona".

Anonymous said...

You "sisterlockers" need to get off your fake pedastals that you've put yourself on. Lil Wayne's locs are gorgeous, thick and healthy. What just bc he has "newgrowth" showing they are hideous. I actually considered SLs and went to a consultation, but was turned off my the vibe and mindset of MOST sisterlockers.....to me they are in the same mindset as having RELAXERS or PERMS. Lawd, as soon as my newgrowth show I need a reti. I'm glad I saved my $600 dollars.

Bajan Lily said...

@ the last Anonymous person:
Since you do not know how many of the comment authors to the post have traditional locks, natural hair, SLs or perms - I can only assume "you sisterlockers" refers to me.

To each his own. If you love them good for you. I don't love them and since it's my blog - I am free to express that. I personally have no preference between traditional or micro locks - to each his own. If you read my posts and particularly the Hair Stories you will see this for yourself. And while I do not advocate constant retightening, I do not advocate unkempt hair - even Bob Marley's freeformed locks were well kept.

SLs/Microlocks are not for everyone, just as locks on the whole are not for everyone. We are all free to choose the styles that best suits our individual personalities and tastes. I am glad you didn't waste your money on something that would have not been right for you. The scruffy/grungy look displayed above is not for me but as Gigglz points out - it works with his image; choosing a different path does not put me on a pedestal - it just makes me 'ME', just as your choices make you 'YOU'.

Freedom of choice is one of the greatest assets we have. To each his own, but for me personally, I will not be walking around with what looks like a mini afro with tiny plaits on top. I didn't do it when I was natural and loose so why start now?

Best Regards


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