Monday, 11 January 2010

It's Still Blooming Awful... (but there a bits of Blooming Marvellous in between)

Still not about hair...
I have just over 12 weeks to go, and many of you have been asking how my pregnancy is going.

Well for one, since I blogged so much about the last one (e.g. Blooming AwfulThe P-listNew Enemy On The Battlefield and so on - click here to see them all); I just haven't had the gumption to do it again - especially because I could only be crazy to be doing this again!

I know you've been good friends and not said that out loud, but I say it out loud all the time lol. I must be crazy. I love my son to death but carrying him to term was a nightmare and now we have Bambino (Baby # 3) and as much as I know I will also love him/her to bits, I still think I must be crazy. Oh well - God knows best :)

So, given that the worst bits of the Hyperemesis Gravidarum occurred BEFORE I went back to work, I've not had to take any time off (so far).  In the beginning, when I could not move and yet I needed to be on point for my other kids - especially for my son who was still so dependent: I crawled up the steps to my local GP (doctor) and begged them... literally, I refused to move until they prescribed me something USEFUL.

The drugs I was given with my son, did absolutely nothing. NOTHING. Such that I didn't even bother using them because what's the point in putting something into your body if it doesn't do anything? Stupse. This time I did my research. Thank God for the internet. I scrolled through yahoo forums; Facebook groups and Mum's Net forums and sifted through loads of advice and suggestions from and Blooming Awful(UK) and went to the GP armed with a shortlist of medications that other mum's swore by.

Once in that office, I burst into tears, "I have to be able to look after my son", I sobbed, "I have to be able to go back to work"


The thought of being bed ridden for another 6 weeks, followed by several months of impaired sub-par function was not appealing to me at all. Who would look after my little boy? It's not like HRH could stay home - we'd need a full time carer/nurse and with me off on Maternity Leave who was gonna pay for that?

Luckily for me (given our notoriously reluctant NHS service), my doctors agreed with me and signed off on the medication. Talk about a massive difference!  The vomiting and loss of appetite came under control. When I say loss of appetite - I can't think of the right word for it, you don't want to eat because you know you are going to vomit, and even when you want to eat, you are afraid that you're going to vomit, and counting down the minutes until you do vomit -- it's not a pleasurable experience.

Anyway, this was controlled - I still felt nauseous but not to the point where I couldn't even lift a finger and I definitely wasn't vomiting every hour.   I can eat certain things and maintain some semblance of normalcy, and the rest I just keep to myself because not even HRH gives me any sympathy anymore (like I did this on my own lol).

So,  there has been less medical intervention on a daily/weekly basis (no hospitalisation etc) because of the medical intervention (prescriptions) early on. It's not all roses though, working and trying to act normal takes its toll on me; and it is rather difficult to keep food down while in office but I am not drowning yet so I'm just doing my do.

3.5 months or so and it'll be over. That's what I keep telling myself. This too shall pass. So I'm not blogging about how miserable this pregnancy has made me - I'm just concentrating on hair and weird articles about KFC adverts and silly White Van drivers who won't slow down in the snow :)

Oh yeah - and thanks to fellow bloggers like Yahvinah, Roseann and Brown Buttahfly who shared their experiences with Hyperemeis Gravidarum and offered much appreciated words of wisdom; and to everyone else who has been encouraging me online and in person. I truly appreciate it.


Unknown said...

My thoughts are with you hun, it can't be easy. But like u said, not too long now, i hope it keeps subsiding xx

Anonymous said...

I hope you feel better soon - not long now. Be encouraged.

Uncle Lew said...

I guess this means you won't be going for baby # 4? hahaha

Marchie said...

Wait, wait, wait... See what happens when yuh doh logon often enough...? Pregnant? Again? Yuh mad?!?! LOL. Only teasing hon, CONGRATULATIONS! And thank Jesus things are better this time.


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