Wednesday, 6 January 2010

"Nobody does racist like KFC?????" - from The Mongoose Chronicles

I came across  this article today

Nobody Does 'Racist' like KFC, The Mongoose Chronicles

The ad left me speechless(re: the stereotype -but some may add that you'd have to be a cricket fan to understand the context/not to take offence). Different people may find this benign, offensive or racist.
I think my girl says it well so I'll let you read her words and decide for yourself.

Comments welcome as always.


Anonymous said...

Wow that is unbelievable, they really dont think it is offensive.

Mr Q said...

I think we always look for reasons to get angry at our white brothers and sisters, this is one of those times.

Way too much is read into this advert, the reality is that if you were to add beers and rum with the KFC the advert makes a point ..... LOL.

Seriously though - we as black people, all poke fun at other ethnic groups, religions etc - with no fear of reprisals - yet when others do it at our expense it's an issue?

Maybe it's because I have 'white' kids and a white mother, that the lines of race are very minute for me, perhaps it's because I have white, Asian, Oriental, African, Eastern European, Mediterranean, Arabic & many religious groups as friends - that makes this ad seem inconsequential to me.

When I was at school - I used humour to get me out of bad situations, when I was a bouncer - for over 10 years - I used humour to defuse situations. Humour can be racial, it can be religious, it can physical, it can be mental and it can be observational - sometimes it will offend some - but unfortunately THAT'S LIFE - it offends me that 21 year old football players in the Premiership earn a $200,000 a week, does football stop playing? Does it stop people going to watch them? HELL NO .....

Personally - I found it 'bang-on' - especially with the fact that the Aussies want to win at any cost, and I can see Aussies taking this to heart - show West Indians some good fried chicken and some drinks and we git them ...... that's not racist - just observant!!!

Bajan Lily said...

Maybe I'd laugh if they brought out some rum, but I didn't find it funny. I don't think that is because I am Black since like you I have other ethnicities in my family tree and circle of friends - I think I may have simply lost my sense of humour where 'non-pc' things are concerned.

Maybe I am so used to being politically correct at work that I can no longer see the humour in these things... like how I wouldn't find it funny if a Black Bajan dressed up as a Chinese man and imitated his accent/speech patterns etc as part of a calypso.

I'm just boring like that.

I watched India Jones & the Temple of Doom the other day and although I love Indy etc etc I was a bit mortified by the way the Indian people were portrayed (ie they were eating roaches, spiders and eyeballs at a Royal Banquet, when Indians tend to be predominantly vegetarians :)

My how times have changed eh? (But maybe not enough or maybe not in the right way?)

Mr Q said...

You see Lily - that is part of the problem, losing that sense of humour. If we can not allow ourselves to have the 'mickey' taken out of us (ie people take fun out of us), what hope is there?

We all do it in some form, ie the kid at school with the glassbottle glasses, the smelly kid, the girl with bright red splotches all over - it's what we as humans do.We poke fun at others.

I am a believer in not wallowing - but being progressive - accept the fact we are different and make some observational humour at our differences - as it is generalised - does not apply to all, choose to laugh or not to laugh and move on.

Anonymous said...

Racist no ...... offensive yes but our opinions may differ (@ Mr Q)

Mr Q said...

Offensive to you because of what?

A) You support the WINDIES?
B) YOU are from the Caribbean?
C) YOU are black?
D) You like KFC?
E) The fellow shirt was too green?

Anonymous said...

Not happy with the portrayal.

Even if the mickey get taken out of a situation that does not mean we have to be cool about it.

We can still not like it.

We are not laughing but we have moved on


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