Thursday, 14 January 2010

Oh Haiti, I am Sorry

When I first heard the news, I immediately wondered: "since when do we have earthquakes in the Caribbean?" - a stupid knee jerk reaction because we do have them... I have just never heard of one of such magnitude before.

My heart truly bleeds for the people of Haiti; the children, the families... Not long ago thousands were lost in floods after a hurricane (and I do mean thousands despite media efforts to play it down) - why does it feel as though every time they get back on their feet - some new adversity presents itself?

And yet, I take courage in the fact that with each adversity - hurricane, coups, international intervention - in the midst of great poverty and suffering - these people are DOWN but not OUT. They get back up again and LIVE, they refuse to be wiped out or play the role of the victim. They play the role of overcomers.

I know that you - as readers - are scattered across the world so I am not posting links today - please contact your nearest disaster relief centre or the Red cross or whomever and donate something to those in need in Haiti. Billions of dollars were raised on behalf of the countries hit by the xmas tsunamis a few years back - let us do the same for our Haitian brothers and sisters.

One love.


Gigglz said...

This whole situation is so heart wrenching. I just sat down and really looked at the pictures and listened to the new coverage I am grief stricken.

Anonymous said...

One love. One Caribbean.


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