Monday, 25 January 2010

Perm Rod Curls... Day 1 (Not sure yet)

I came across a small bag of perm rods last night. I must have bought it during my early SL days (heheh listen to me talking like I am some big veteran!)

They're black and they said 'large' but they didn't look that large to me (sorry no pics). I'd washed my hair earlier in the day and it was still damp although I indulged in a good few sprays of more water because my last attempt at curling (with flexi rods) failed miserably and I really wanted this to work.

Dampened the hair, rolled the hair, a quick blast from my hair dryer to avoid that 'oh no it's morning and my hair's still damp' scenario and then I went to sleep. (I literally mean a quick blast because HRH was lying down next to me and as soon as I switched the dryer on he gave me a look that good have frozen the equator, so I put it away quickly... I figured my life was worth more than bone dry hair *grin*)

Woke up this morning, thankful for another day. The rods hadn't been that difficult to sleep in (covered of course by the trusty old loc soc) but I'm not sure I'd wanna sleep with them in my head every night. I mean - I'm not from East Enders.

I took them out this morning much to the amusement of HRH and Golden Girl (our growing princess). They both said something along the lines of :

"Hmmmm, that's different..."

I gotta catch the 7:20 train - who had time to do 'fix' it? So off I went like a poster girl for 'Curls R Us'. Unsurprisingly noone in the office noticed/said anything. (I told you where I work is soooooooo PC, they'd probably be afraid that I would sue them for some sort of racial profiling or something equally bizarre).

Looking in the bathroom mirror I did some uhmming and ahhhing of my own - I don't yet know if I do or don't like it - but I have to agree with the family... it IS different.

What do YOU think?

Yes,  I know I look tired... the young prince has been ill so there have been a series of sleepless nights (and changing vomit soaked clothing and sheets in the middle of the night really is no fun),  I've had the meanest cold on the planet, I'm anaemic and fat and pregnant and still have to go to work every day. (So show me some love :P)

Don't ask me what was going on with the left side (my right) of my head here... it just decided to do its own thing. Golden Girl thought it was funny and should be included.

Not so bad from this angle - maybe it'll look better tomorrow?


msfullroller said...

Very Very nice Sis! Looking forward to your pics as well since it will be a slightly different look once the curls fall a bit.

Bajan Lily said...

I hope so! Lol

Anonymous said...

I think it's nice. Other than your right side, it's quite cute! God knows i've had those days. Needless to sa, mine hardly ever turned out quite as nice as yours so I've resorted to plaiting it to getting a curl, but I digress. It's usually a lot more accpetable in your own eyes when they aren't as tight, so give it a few days!


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