Monday, 15 February 2010


So - this groovy 'schedule posts' function has been a god send. I have been too ill to physically post properly since mid January, but the function has enabled me to keep in touch by writing about a whole heap of things while I've felt well and scheduling them to be automatically posted throughout the month.

Anyway - Bajan Lily is back (again) lol.

This commuting while pregnant thing sucks. It does, people hardly ever get up to give you a seat even when your super huge bump is poking them in the eye! But - that's a topic for another post.

This one was just about how I got a train home that was passing by Effingham Junction. Now if you're Bajan that might mean something to you - if not let me explain. Growing up - 'Effingham Junction' was a synonym for being told to fly a kite or to go to 'hell'; being told to 'go to Effingham Junction' could not ever be something good... it just amused me to on that train this evening.

I've been unable to travel in to the office for about a week (again due to hyperemesis gravidarum). Today was my first day back.

Earlier today, my desk phone rang ... would you believe I missed the call because for the life of me I couldn't remember how to answer it? My colleague (who sits next to me) was literally dying of laughter at the bewilderment on my face. I knew there was a special button - I just couldn't remember which one!

More of my brain befuddleness, I called up a contact and started asking them about 'ABC' to which they responded they hadn't a clue what I was talking about. I hung up and turned the same colleague and relayed what had happened (since I was absolutely sure that this contact was in charge of the whole ABC program'); would you believe my colleague started creasing up again?

"He doesn't know what you're talking about because he is in charge of the CAB program not ABC... but at least you got the letters right..." *sigh* I had to call them back and say: "Ok let's pretend this is the first time I am calling you and everything I asked you about ABC just now - replace it with CAB."
After a lot of laughter - we got somewhere.

Then I had to look up someone in the internal directory... 'Desmond'... no such person at all.. not even close. Now I was convinced my mind was playing tricks on me because this person sent me emails just last Friday!  I was about to pack up my things and go home (clearly I wasn't working at optimum level today particularly if I can't find a name!) --- then my devious colleague steps in and says.. oh right, he's under a different name (like John). So his emails say one name but his phone entry says another.

At least I had some relief in knowing I wasn't totally crazy today... but how can I not remember how to answer my line?

I feel as though my brain got reset over the weekend and all systems failed to power up this morning... I think I was functioning on just about half...

Add to that on the tube (the one I got before boarding the train to Effingham Junction lol) I ended up belly to belly with a pot bellied man. I couldn't stop giggling. How can you be taller than I am and me be pregnant and yet our bellies are touching? He must have thought I was a right weirdo... but honestly! Usually I don't like people touching me - especially not Baby #3, but the tube was packed (as usual) and there was no other place or position to stand in so we had to touch.. he kept me from falling over... I just can't figure out how his belly was so big and low that it managed to be connecting itself to mine.

I'm off to bed before I do something else silly... like try to put the orange juice in my wardrobe and hang my shirt in the fridge. (Yes, I did that during my last pregnancy... rofl)



The Woman Inside said...

ROFL doing some belly touching eh!!! Well this is pregnesia at it's finest! Take care ok.

Sisterlock Adoration said...!


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