Friday, 5 March 2010

More bump fun

The other day I was well enough to take my son to his cousin's birthday party.  I met an old school friend there who ALSO HAS A BUMP yay! I was really happy for her - it's her first and unlike me she's not suffering through it :)

Here are a few photos...
Note how the belly seems bigger than me? (and no I'm not leaning backwards)

Ok, now I kNOW this belly is big. Christian came to give me a hug, I was standing up - so he grabbed my legs. You know it took 5 mins to find him? He was completely hidden from sight. This is ridiculous!

I love her bump AND her traditional locks... gorgeous colour!


Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Have Y'All Seen this? - (How'd they do that?).

All I wanna know is - how does it work? I'm a science person... and I haven't quite figured it out - but I won't rest until I do.  I like how the hair seems to form comb coils- looks a bit rough on the recipient's neck having their head brushed so vigorously but on the whole - I like the end result. It's a nice look.

US Demo

UK Demo

Could be it works better on some lengths/textures than others.... but still - how'd they do that? Hmmmmm


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