Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Have Y'All Seen this? - (How'd they do that?).

All I wanna know is - how does it work? I'm a science person... and I haven't quite figured it out - but I won't rest until I do.  I like how the hair seems to form comb coils- looks a bit rough on the recipient's neck having their head brushed so vigorously but on the whole - I like the end result. It's a nice look.

US Demo

UK Demo

Could be it works better on some lengths/textures than others.... but still - how'd they do that? Hmmmmm


Gigglz said...

Very interesting! I guess its all about the holes in the sponge. I'm sure if you take a good 5 minutes the entire lock will be uniform and clean.

mariajay said...

You don't need this contraption to give your hair the texture in the video. I use to get the same look by using the palms of my hands. First I'd spray my hair with water then rub shea butter in the palms then rub my hair in the same circular motion. I got the same effect.


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