Friday, 5 March 2010

More bump fun

The other day I was well enough to take my son to his cousin's birthday party.  I met an old school friend there who ALSO HAS A BUMP yay! I was really happy for her - it's her first and unlike me she's not suffering through it :)

Here are a few photos...
Note how the belly seems bigger than me? (and no I'm not leaning backwards)

Ok, now I kNOW this belly is big. Christian came to give me a hug, I was standing up - so he grabbed my legs. You know it took 5 mins to find him? He was completely hidden from sight. This is ridiculous!

I love her bump AND her traditional locks... gorgeous colour!



Nai said...

err ... are you SURE you are'nt leaning back? OH LAWD ... (bernie mac style ;)

Looking very good, fresh and ready to pop I think :)

Gigglz said...

You're way too adorable!!!

Look at a new mom, dressed to kill, and still wearing her heels and all!! Second pregnancy with a little one to chase after those heels will be dusty in the back of the closet!

E. RaMona (Alaiyo) said...

The bump looks very cute as well as the much longer do you have?

Bajan Lily said...

@Nai - 6 weeks to go!
@Gigglz - innit? See me in my t-shirt, jeans and cardigan and my girl there in hot pink styling hehehe (wait til she has another one indeed!)

V @ Locks-N-Motion said...

Yall both look beautiful, love the locks!

Chelle said...

Your belly is absolutely beautiful! I'm sure it's not comfortable for you though.

Bee said...

I think the bump, your locks, and your old friend's locks all look good! You have that "motherhood" glow!


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