Monday, 14 June 2010

Hair Story: Mrs R-C

I mentioned this old friend with locks in earlier post (click here to read it) and I just wanted to post some comparison shots and wish her all the best for her delivery (which is imminent).  You're gorgeous!

We got married 6 months apart and attended eachother's weddings. My (third) child and her (first) child will be three months apart. Her husband and my brother were best friends for most of their lives - I love him as my own. Here's wishing you both all the best.

She started her lock journey at the end of 2006 (and she is Bajan heheh).




See the super growth? Let's do that again (2008 v 2009)

2010 (both pregnant lol)

and here's a shot with lots of naturals

Mrs R-C on the far left (blue), me in black on the right and my daughter in pink at the far right. Heeeey!

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