Monday, 21 June 2010

Sandy Lane Hair (picture heavy post)

Last weekend, HRH and I attended a mutual friend's wedding.  Apart from being overjoyed for the happy couple, I was a bit worried as to how to style my hair given that the venue was the world famous Sandy Lane Hotel (where the infamous Tiger woods was married).

After getting over myself (no one should be THAT interested in what I was wearing, they should be focused on the bride), I decided on a sideswept curly style (click on pics to enlarge).

I made four flat twists along the side and rear of my head like this:

The 'tail' of the style is pinned flat (to the right of the flat twists).

Then I corkscrewed (aka Bantu knots aka china bumps) the rest of my hair like this:
(That's one of my lock jewels you can see at the front)

I didn't corkscrew the 'tail' end of my twists, although in hindsight I probably should have. I wanted a 'straight' long tail but that would lightly rest on my shoulder, but I am sure that having it all curly would have worked just as well or better.

Oh, I forgot to mention that I woke up at 5 am to create this style, I had washed my hair the evening before but forgot to put perm rods in... since it was now dry again, I dampened my hair with water and began twisting.

About 9 hours later, I loosened the corkscrews  and redid one of the flat twists (just cos I felt it was too loose and therefore a bit 'bigger' than the others.. I like things to look uniform heheh). At that point it looked like this:

Then I unpinned the 'tail' and dropped it over my right shoulder. The curls on top were still too tight for me so I did a bit of pulling and moulding until the style held the shape I was looking for - like this:

And these ones are me larking about in the car on the way to Sandy Lane. HRH is driving (not me) but he's not allowed on my blog so he's not visible in these shots *grin* See how the 'tail' is doing all kinds of weird and annoying stuff? I think if I had curled it - maybe it would have stayed put.

(I think HRH must have said sthg to annoy me in that first shot, lol)

And this is what my hair looked like by the time we were seated at the ceremony...
and afterwards
(see how the straight tail starts to look a bit odd - at least it does to me)

The next day my hair looked more like this - but this picture is the subject of another post


The Real Nique said...

WOW!!! That is absolutely creativity and beauty at the max! Two styles in one too! Keep it coming! Just beautiful!

Bajan Lily said...

Thanks Nique :)

A Sista Who Locked said...

Wow Bajan... your hair is soooo pretty! I might have to copy you on this one... I love that style. At least you know how to style, I can not...LOL... You look great!!

Lock University said...

You did your thang. You look good girl.

Denise said...

Nice. Very pretty!

Coco Pebb said...

Awesome! That's all I can say...and you have so much length! I can hardly wait until my hair gets longer.You should be stylist!

Nai said...

WOW lovely :)))
just wow, I need to plan ahead for a wedding in july, am getting round the idea of all that work, but boy ... might have to make a phone call to me old hairdresser!!

Gigglz said...

Adorable -- your locks have defintely grown quickly!! Thanks to those precious babies of yours! The style is FIAH!!!

anthia-ofo said...

am I allowed to be jealous?? Girl, you've got skills. lovely hairstyle. I'd love to try it.

The Woman Inside said...

I love love love the hairstyle! You look so lovely.

Bajan Lily said...

@CSHAN: I promise you it wasn't that hard... when I try your super duper style I will post it here :)

@LU: Thanks (am I enrolled now?)

@Denise: thanks ever so much.

@CocoPebb: I am seriously thinking about it (the stylist thing)- stay tuned!

@Nai: it wasn't that hard, putting it in (corkscrews & twists) took about 15-20 mins (and I was half asleep), taking it out was 5 mins and then maybe another 5 mins to poof it around the way I wanted it. AND no hair pins!

@Gigglz - I think you're right about the babies... have started to see the white follicles, just hoping I don't lose locs again (remember Floatie?) Lol.

@Anthia-Ofo: GO FOR IT!

@TWI: Thanks!

CaribSun said...

Very cute hairstyle. You are talented!

Unknown said...

Your hair looks super duper! :D

Anonymous said...

Nice, Very NICE!!!! makes me wanna go home and style my hair!
(but I'm too lazy in this hot-azz weather!)
Take Care

rizzio♥ said...

i really like your blog is very interesting
now i'm writting my own blog about afro hair but is in spanish:)
congrats for the blog

Lisa said...

WoOoOow, your locks are coming along beautifully. Thanks for the styling idea. Did you come up with it yourself?

Bajan Lily said...

@Queen Li: thanks, I'm trying out an updo that can be worn everyday (to keep my hair off my neck cos its so hot here!), if it works out I'll post pics.

@rizzio: thanks, I'll check it out.

@Lisa: Thank you and yes, I came up with it myself. I knew how I wanted the end result to look, so it was just a matter of figuring out how to get there :)

Titus 2 Thandi said...

Oh wow!This is absolute beauty.I hope you never stop blogging, and you'd better not delete your blog.I will come here for inspiration when my locs are longer.Right now, I'm enjoying ogling the pics..and look forward to reading from the beginning!

Bajan Lily said...

Thanks Thandi :) Welcome.

Naturally Sophia said...

pretty pretty and great style!


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