Sunday, 8 August 2010


A few of you have asked how my youngest is doing, and since this is a good way of keeping my mind of the bald patches in my head, here she is.

Arielle Simone (relaxing on the beach)

and with me (and my new hair colour)

We continue to be thankful for her life. Since those earlier incidents (2 separate week long hospital stays) she has remained healthy and grown strong, so everybody is happy (especially me).  The Little Prince is very protective of her and big sis (aka Golden Girl) is loving being the 'leader' - even though when we get back to London she will be losing her room to them. (having the oldest in a smaller room may be a good thing - perhaps she won't find it so hard to keep tidy!)

Thanks for asking!

Friday, 6 August 2010

Did I? Yes I Did!

So... with the recent hair blues and all, I decided to do something different. I have always considered changing my hair colour but was afraid to do so in case it led to hair loss or scalp problems (given my sensitive 'hair' disposition ROFL!)  Given that I babied my hair as much as possible and I STILL ended up with that dreaded hair loss - well, I figured that if my hair was determined to leave my head - it might as well do so in STYLE!

My sister - well noone even remembers what her original hair colour is LOL. She's been 'natural' for over 20 years though and her hair looks like this.
 She took me colour shopping. I wanted a copper/auburn kinda colour.. not too brown or gold and not too purple. I chose this one:

(that is sooo NOT my Mount Gay cup!)
Anyway - this is my before shot (hair all bunched up cos it was under a scarf for most of the day)

We applied colour to the ends ONLY! Didn't want it anywhere near my scalp (for obvious reasons). The product did contain ammonia - but although I knew this would cause dryness, I used it anyway because my research showed that when you want a lighter colour, hair dyes WITH ammonia are more effective.

Here are my AFTER shots: (hair still wet)

and two more with a bit of larking about

and just in case you wanted to see the before and after together

have a great weekend!

ps HRH hates it. No surprise there.


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