Saturday, 4 September 2010

Back in London!

Ok, y'all know Nai called me out lol. I got back a few days ago and everything is up in the air - as you can imagine! Having been in Barbados for almost 4 months, I am in the process of unpacking luggage for a family of five and (re)setting the house in order. It's amazing what can accumulate when noone is in!

The last few weeks of my holiday were hectic as well - so many people to see, beaches to visit and so so little time!  Bajan Baby has returned a nice golden colour instead of pale and frail (her aunt has been calling her 'nugget' lol).  The Young Prince is a right dynamo, leaping off the backs of chairs, riding his trike and getting into and upto just about everything! The Big One has officially landed in teenhood - angst and all - HRH and I are holding on for  dear life, what a ride!

On the subject of blogging - well, I have so much to say!

I have photos from carnival events (no costumes sorry) as I was so enchanted by all the natural and dreaded heads I came across.

I did tons of research into locks, maintenance, haircare and products (natural and ready made etc). Look out for my posts on those.

I did TONS and TONS of research on my 'condition'. I have lost MORE hair and am still not sure it is done shedding yet (which would allow me to focus on healing, repair and regrowth) but my sister-in-law (shout out to B repping Trinidad) has styled my hair in such a way that most (if not all) of the patches are concealed... so that's pretty much how I am wearing my hair at the moment.

I saw specialist after specialist, and had a whole gamut of tests done. I'll post about those at some point too.

Nubian1 - I haven't responded to your email yet but I did get it and will do so shortly. Thank you for being a source of encouragement and optimism. You too Anthia! (and Mrs Mac and Yahvinah and V and Trina) I guess post partum shedding and hairloss is more common than we realise. (Sorry if I missed your name above, am rushing at the mo)

Oh and my Hair Salon is back in business. (More on that some other time too).  If you're interested in taking a peek  or showing your support click here.


Nai said...

YAYYYY!! Welcome back Bajan Lovely Lily :))) I KNEW you was about! was feelin you :))).
Hun, My hair did the same after Masters K and A arrived, in fact, because I was pregnant very close together, I did not shed until AFTER Antonio, and believe me when I did, it made up for the 2 babies I had. It was not good. BUT ... here I am today ... :)
welcome home. and the LEAST you could a do was bring we some sun ... KMT! :)))

Bajan Lily said...

Sorry babes: 'de suitcase was full' ROFL!

ps Girl, I hear you on that shedding for both of them, my word! Argh!

Mrs Mac's Corner... said...

Glad your back, hope you had a wonderful break, easier said than done, but try dont stress cause that can contribute. Would love to read the forthcoming posts on the tests/solutions x

anthia-ofo said...

Hey girl, welcome home! Tell me- how does one actually get to spend 4months in the carribean? I'm onto another all-natural treatment for alopecia&hairloss. I'm trying it out and will blog about it very soon.

Bajan Lily said...

@Mrs Mac - Thanks!
@anthia - Thank you thank you. I am following you closely. I'm about to start on that 'potent oil' recipe you mentioned. Watch this space :)


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