Saturday, 30 October 2010

Length Check

Having 'unpicked' (taken down) this lock in order to remedy some bunching (and just to see if it was actually locked yet) I decided to do a quick length check to see just how much my hair had grown since installation.
Given that the hair in this area of my head originally reached my nose I think that's pretty good for a year. Nice to know.
I decided to leave this one loose just to see whether in 12 months it would be the same length as or longer/shorter than the locks near to it.

*NOTE: This was in June 2010, 4 months later I am completely bald so really I will never know whether it would have been longer or not. WELCOME TO THE TAPESTRY OF ME.... These are my words and this is my journey, from 'there to hair'! My life, the lessons learned in and through love and loves ones; and my hair affairs.

Thursday, 28 October 2010

Sisterlocks UK Trainees - Class of 2010

Yup, that's me (in the black hat)!
I did it!

I am now an official Sisterlocks Consultant in training. Woo hoo!

They only hold training classes once a year in the U.K. and I couldn't attend last year's session because it started on the same day I was due to return to work (from maternity leave).

Needless to say it nearly killed me to wait twelve months for the schedule to come round again - but I did it!  I've done two consultations so far and hope that soon I will be on my way to full certification.

One of the unfortunate things is the topic of my hairloss. I have been asked by a few of my potential clients:

'How can you be a Sisterlock consultant if you're bald?'

That is a painful question, but I am open and honest with them. Having no hair doesn't affect my ability to do locks, but it does mean I can no longer be a walking advertisement for my craft. Oh well - I guess that's something I'm going to have to get used to. These photos are the last pictures of me with my locks so it makes me kinda sad to look at them, cos I do miss my locs but que cera cera. Much bigger things to worry about in this world these days. ON WITH THE SHOW! WELCOME TO THE TAPESTRY OF ME.... These are my words and this is my journey, from 'there to hair'! My life, the lessons learned in and through love and loves ones; and my hair affairs.

Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Back to School Hair!

As mentioned before, I still have loads of pics from this summer's shenanigans that I can share with you despite my current hairless state.

These are a few of my favourites from a 'Back To School' event in Barbados. I went with my sisters, nieces and cousins (who else?) I really liked how full my hair was at this point, I think it was the most hair I'd ever had since childhood and seeing those ponytails again makes me laugh.  I sure had fun.

I just love the versatility of Sisterlocks.


 My super sister

 My Steve Urkel look.
 OK, this is clearly not me but her locs were soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo nice I had to ask for a pic!
 Nutty Niece and her crazy friend 'Sheldon'

 Two tone locs on Edwin
 Family WELCOME TO THE TAPESTRY OF ME.... These are my words and this is my journey, from 'there to hair'! My life, the lessons learned in and through love and loves ones; and my hair affairs.

Monday, 25 October 2010

The Late Rt Hon. Prime Minister David Thompson

"Barbados has been plunged into mourning with the death of Right Honourable Prime Minister David Thompson. 

Prime Minister Thompson passed away at 2:10 a.m. on the morning of Saturday October 23rd, at his home in Mapps, St Philip with his family by his side.

Thompson served as Prime Minister of Barbados from January 2008 when the Democratic Labour Party won the government. 

It was during May that Thompson, accompanied by his personal physician Dr Richard Ishmael, announced to Barbadians that he was not well and was seeking medical attention.  He was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in September.

On September 30 Thompson gave his last address to the nation, where he also announced a Cabinet reshuffle.

Thompson, 48, leaves to mourn his mother, his wife Mara and three daughters."

This is rather 'close to home' for me. Growing up in St. Philip, the areas of Mapps and Sandford might as well have been one.  Although the combined land area was large, there weren't that many houses, so the 'Neighbourhood Watch' residents association covered them both.

The late Prime Minister was my neighbour. He attended neighbourhood events and always had a welcoming smile - he never made us feel like 'stupid children' or 'lesser mortals' because of he was a 'big-up politician'. My brother and I used to ride our BMXs up and down his incredibly long and smooth driveway (when we thought he wasn't home) and he never once scolded us for being a public nuisance (can't believe I did that!!!)  Whenever he passed us in his blue jeep, we would shout our greetings and he would 'beep' in response. He came across as a humble jovial man and I genuinely liked him.

His passing reminds me of how fragile life is and how tomorrow is never promised today. Only two years ago he became Prime Minister - having waited in the wings for what felt to me like forever! Only this May did the rumours of his poor health begin spreading like wild fires - he asked us to pray... the nation responded.... Only last month did they confirm it was pancreatic cancer... only last month.... and now... he is with us no more.  Take nothing for granted.

This really hits home with me, only in May did I really get into the groove of these locks and start experimenting with some serious curling and styling; only in June did I first notice a small bald patch at the back of my head... now in October - only four short months later - I am completely bald. Who would have thought?

As my doctors continue to hypothesise and search for a cause or definitive explanation for my sudden and complete hairloss, (and thus the most appropriate form of treatment) I am reminded once again to be thankful for what I do have.

I am still here with my family.
The Thompsons have David no more.

R.I.P WELCOME TO THE TAPESTRY OF ME.... These are my words and this is my journey, from 'there to hair'! My life, the lessons learned in and through love and loves ones; and my hair affairs.

Friday, 22 October 2010

You don't Say?

I'm posting this video - not because I am going to visit 'Sabrina the dreadlock extension Queen' (although maybe I should????) but because it'll give you an idea as to what my hair/head looked like before all of the loccies dived off.

I wonder if those 'new' locs broke off at the root after a month or whether they are still attached (to what little hair was left on the lady's scalp). Hmmmmm.

@Anthia & Anonymous - the wonderfully friendly lady you both recommended to me is currently quite ill, please remember her in your prayers. I'll do a post on her and that experience later. 
These are my words and this is my journey, from 'there to hair'!  My life, the lessons learned in and through love and loves ones; and my hair affairs. 

Monday, 18 October 2010

1 day and 30 locs

Heads are rather funny shaped things. You don't really notice until they are devoid of hair... and I mean ALL hair because with SOME hair (like a TWA or even the tennis ball fuzz) you still have some sort of moulding and shape diffusion going on.  With a bald head - everything is laid .. well.. bare.

Today I lost 30 locs.
The first two or three loosened and fell in solitude.
I leaned over to put something in my bag - and picked one out of the bag on my way back up;
I lifted another from my collar when I turned to talk to someone... the third dropped onto my desk as I wrote in my notebook.
Disturbing but 'dealable' (ie I could deal with it).

The other 27 left my head like they were the Israelites following Moses... or maybe they were running the London Marathon and some announcer somewhere unbeknownst to me had just said:
"on your mark, get set, GO!"  
Maybe it's some new form of bungee jumping:
                         "Hey locs and loose hairs, on the count of three, everybody jump off... ready? 1-2....!"

I dunno ...

but they all left.

It took me 3 years to grow my hair (1 year to grow a set of locks I was actually rather fond of) and onlyy 4 months to lose it all. What is this - a casino? I feel like a gambler who amassed a small fortune and then blew it all during a whimsical trip to Vegas.

Some people think I am exaggerating. Well I'm not (see pictures below post).

I think my husband thinks I am having an affair with my GP (doctor). I see him every 2 weeks.

He looks at my head with a magnifying glass and insists that he can see new growth.  Personally this growth must be microscopic cos I can't see it - or maybe you just need an infrared light to shine on it first... (or maybe he's just lying). Anyhoo - he tries to convince me all hope is not lost and I give him my "do I look like I am buying this?" look and he tells me to come back in two weeks and we'll see he was right.... only for me to come back, snatch my hat off and say: "the only thing that's growing is this bald spot..." Honestly, I think I just go there for some comic relief these days cos it's just ridiculous. That said he is cute so I might as well enjoy the view while I'm there. Additionally - he is balding himself and for some sad mean reason - I find that consolatory. I suppose 'misery really does love company!'

My friend Joratio (clearly not her real name, but she thinks she's the female version of CSI Miami's Horatio) - well she likes to drop cheesy one liners (like Horatio). She says I should look in the mirror and just be beautiful. I pointed out that I don't like to look in the mirror anymore because all I see is FACE. Honestly... face and HEAD. Not my favourite view. If the mirror had a switch I would change the channel. lol. I don't need to see my teeth to brush them - let's just hope I'm not walking around with last night's cabbage stuck between them!

Frequently, people ask me what caused my hair loss. Well I don't think Sherlock Holmes, Magnum P.I or Grissom, Mac and H together could figure this one out (although I wouldn't mind being interrogated by Detective Flack or that scrumptious Hill Harper bloke - hey bald headed women have to have fun somehow!).  The lead suspects thus far are :

  • post partum shedding aka telogen effluvium (severity increased due to me having two babies back to back with little recovery time in between)
  • post partum thyroiditis (an autoimmune condition of unknown cause)
  • hypothyroidism
  • alopecia areata (an autoimmune condition of unknown cause)
  • post partum hair loss caused by prolonged vitamin and mineral deficiencies due to malabsorption during pregnancy (caused by hyperemis gravidarum) and/or insufficient time to allow for accumulation of said minerals and vitamins between pregnancies.
  • because I am female/short/Bajan/British/Black/
  • for no reason at all

Seriously, I am not convinced I will ever know why and these days I don't even care. I'm currently staying in a hotel and far more annoying that looking at my bald reflection in the mirror is the annoying kiddie music coming from the room next door.... listen kiddies, it is WAAAAAAAAAY past your bed time - don't you have school tomorrow? No? Well I do... think you could let me sleep?

Anyway - since I'm weird like this - this post is dedicated to the 30 locs who jumped off my head today.

Why you jumped we may never know... but you will not be forgotten, no, I'll remember you and shake my head because things must really be bad up there if you'd rather lie on the cold cold floor than on my warm (un)round head.

Hasta La Vista babies.

NB: click on photos for credit (except the photos of the locs which are mine so clicking on them will only make them bigger.) 
These are my words and this is my journey, from 'there to hair'!  My life, the lessons learned in and through love and loves ones; and my hair affairs. 

Friday, 8 October 2010

Down but Not Out

Hey everybody (and welcome to all the new subscribers, y'all snuck in there on me!!)

I just wanted to say 'Thanks'. I know it sounds cliche - but I really do appreciate every word of support and encouragement.  Even when I am too 'down' to 'blog', I come and read these comments and remind myself that there is plenty of happy still left for me!

What am I going to do next? Well, I'm not going to stop blogging. I have loads of photos and plenty of locks/hair-related material from summer (and earlier) so I'll just go ahead and upload them as originally intended.

I'm also gonna do the 'crazy' and post pictures of the bald spots (before they became one big bald head of course). I've wrestled with that for a while - like - would that be showing TOO much of me? Should i just keep my hair loss private and personal? BUT I have come to the conclusion that - people like Kreyola and Brown Buttahfly inspired and encouraged me with their handling of their own hair loss scenarios - so who am I to withhold a similar blessing from someone else? I will do it... I will.. (hear me psyching myself up lol)!

Anthia-Ofo and an anonymous poster recommended a particular Hair Specialist (US based). I'll let you know how that pans out; and of course, tomorrow is the day I go so the Hair Replacement People in London (((nervous tremble)))).

I miss my hair (it's cold outside!!!) but one of the good things about looking more like Alek Wek/G.I. Jane is that my husband can't call me Lady Predator anymore LOL!!!... seriously - it was not a good look.

And to end on a happy note: here is a pic of me and my sisters back in early June.

Welcome to  These are my words and this is my journey, from 'there to hair'!  My life, the lessons learned in and through love and loves ones; and my affair with my hair - my locks.  WELCOME TO THE TAPESTRY OF ME....

Monday, 4 October 2010

Lost This Battle (can I still win the war?)

Since June, I have tried to remain upbeat and focus on the positive; I have spent many a evening counting my blessings, and each morning brings a new mercy to give thanks for... But today, my heart is heavy. Today I acknowledge that this battle is over.
I have lost my locks.
Funny how- when I finally fell in love with my hair, every strand, kink, curl and knot- that's when I lost them all: every strand, kink, curl and knot.

My last retightening session was the last week in July. I used to need a session every 4-6 weeks but it has been almost 11 weeks and there is still no new growth.

Instead, there have been handfuls of lost locks. Over a third have already left my head, the rest are hanging by strands. I have such large bald spots that covering them with my own hair is no longer possible. This weekend I will visit a wig specialist. Had there been new growth amidst the bald patches there may have been hope for repairing the thinning locks and reattaching the lost ones. However this is not the case. I am facing total hair loss from my scalp which leaves me with two options: walk bald or hide under a 'hair replacement unit' . I'm not looking forward to having straight hair ( I've never seen a lock wig)!

Being ill sucks.

Welcome to  These are my words and this is my journey, from 'there to hair'!  My life, the lessons learned in and through love and loves ones; and my affair with my hair - my locks.  WELCOME TO THE TAPESTRY OF ME....


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