Friday, 10 December 2010

Thank You

Hey everyone, 

It has took me an awfully long time to comment on this post - because it was soooooooooooo painful.  At the same time I found it strangely cathartic and healing for me. So here I am to say Thank you all for your very kind words and your continued support (especially since there aren't many locs to show at the moment but hopefully it'll grow back someday). 

  • @BajanPoet - those were the words I needed to hear - especially from you. Thank you. 
  • @Nai - I love you, big sis, you're always there encouraging me from across the M25 (lol)
  • @Kittylocks - "where there is life there is hope" - how awesome a quote is that? Thanks for sharing it.
  • @anthia-ofo - another sister, thank you. It's hard with clients sometimes but they have so far been understanding.
  • @Gigglz - thank you, I considered you one of my SL loc buddies because we started out around the same time. I will continue to follow your journey (with envy now lol) 
  • @Yahvinah - my girl, how are those babies doing? Me? An inspiration? Aint those some apples hehe. Thank you. I will be watching for when your 'areas' fill in - your hair has been looking fantastic lately.
  • @Nubian1 - I wore the hair replacement unit for about 2 weeks but I hated it. I felt like a big fat FRAUD. I have a post about it - just havent published it yet hahaha 'too shame!'
  • @CaribSun - thanks for the 'inner light', sometimes it feels all but extinguished... comments like yours remind me that the way I see myself (UGLY and BALD) isnt always the way others see me.
  • @MsFullRoller - Madame 'Shake those locs' (yes, I still remember that video), thanks for the hugs, I will hold my head up high.
  • @Madame Hercules - Welcome to my blog and thank you for your prayers. I appreciate them.
  • @Euphoria - thank you also for your prayers. I have seen SEVERAL dermatologists. The prognosis isn't good. Ho Hum.
  • @V - I tried to tell ya (lol)... I wouldn't wish this on anyone. Thanks for your admiration and ongoing encouragement (from pregnancy til now); it was nice to have someone who understood what I was going through. Respect.
  • @Mrs Mac - girl I am leaning like the Tower of Pisa!!! I've decided to BE the sunshine - thanks for seeding the thought - and for being YOU!
  • @The Woman Inside - thank you sweetie, how's that pregnancy progressing? Is baby here yet? I don't feel as strong as people say I look but if it fools them I might fool myself lol.
  • @Denise - thanks girl, has your hair issue fully resolved itself then? I hope so :)
  • @Shari - Welcome to my blog and thanks a million for your comments. They lifted me when I was feeling a bit grubby. Thank you.
  • @Kristina my sister - you can keep the positive vibes, send me the hair hahahhaah (just kidding)! Nuff Love gal.
  • @Thandi - the speed of it shocked me too. Hair today , gone tomorrow (hahahah - bad joke I know but I gotta laff at myself).  I haven't said this before but your blog is a source of education and encouragement. God bless you.
  • @Trinita (Anonymous) - the iron and ferratin levels were low... I'm up to 16 now but need to reach 70 for optimum hair growth. Bring on the supplements!
  • @Spicylocks - good to see you again, haven't seen you for a while (or maybe you were silently lurking heheh. Thanks for the encouragement
  • @those who commented via FaceBook: Alice, Akima, Ardith, Wayne, Lola, Pam, Miranda, Ricki, Brenda, Lucy, Laurelle, Cherie, Kraig, Karen S, Safiya, Kerry, Natasha and Claire (apologies to anyone I missed) - I love you all and am privileged to have your love and support.
  • @Ms KS - I put myself out there because noone likes to be alone or suffer alone. If there is someone else somewhere out there suffering from something similar I would want them to know they are not alone, don't give up hope. Your hairloss may be permanent or your hair might grow back - but you are more than your hair: don't give up on life and don't give up on yourself. Make the most of whatever you have.
That's all for today :)

Peace xx

WELCOME TO THE TAPESTRY OF ME.... These are my words and this is my journey, from 'there to hair'! My life, the lessons learned in and through love and loves ones; and my hair affairs.


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