Thursday, 28 April 2011

UK Based Sisterlocks Trainees, Consultants & Bloggers

So what else have I been up to? 
Well before I even thought about taking the Sisterlocks training class I wanted a registry that would list all the Consultants (and Trainees) in my neck of the woods. Many of the entries on the 'International' pages of the official Sisterlocks website only said: 'London', which meant that I would spend aaaaaaaaaaages (and $$$) calling people only for them to tell me they were yonks away from me.

And so 'Sisterlist UK' was born.

Sisterlocks Consultants in the UK

The main registry of Sisterlocks Consultants and Trainees is held by the Sisterlocks Home Office (in the US) on their Official website: (currently being redeveloped!!)

International Consultant Registry *
International Trainee Registry*

(They started redeveloping their website in March 2011 and these links keep changing so please don't be mad if they're incorrect when you click - I'll keep updating them!)

If, however, you just want the SL graduates who are based in the UK - then this directory is for you. Sisterlist UK lists Sisterlocks Consultants & Trainees, Bloggers and Vloggers all based in the UK.

You can use it to search by area e.g. Birmingham or London, or postcode e.g. NW10 or even for a Trainee or Consultant.

Go on - click the jump and have a butchers: remember to show some love by subscribing or following and telling all your friends about it!!

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What a great idea! Thanks for the stylish blogger award.


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