Thursday, 19 May 2011

Sisterlocks Installation Photos

So.. I just realised that I posted my first install and then nothing...  I've completed 5 heads now with number 6 booked in. Why haven't I shared this??? Hmmmmm

Maybe I wanted to keep 'business' and pleasure separate (?) Or maybe I didn't think it would be interesting...  Either way I'll post them below just in case someone is interested or would like to send a client my way *huge grin*

How am I doing on a personal level? Well..., lately I have been a bit down in the mouth. I have been following your hair journeys and rejoicing with you over your new hair colours (Gigglz is rocking that honey blonde), repairs/restoration (Yahvinah's edges are filling in after her postpartum shedding), and your growth updates (too many to list) - and I must admit I've been missing own hair TERRIBLY.

It's all well and good for people to (often flippantly) say : 'It will grow back' - but it's been 7 months now... with no significant difference. I have a horseshoe shaped ring of hair at the front ony my head and a small 'map of Africa' at the back and that's it.. swaths of BALDNESS in between...

And, while I am grateful for the growth in those places, it's 'a madness' cos really I'd rather have all or nothing.

Seriously... cos you can't walk around with scrubby patches and if you shave the patches off too often you get razor bumps... eugh! I promised Euphoria I'd post some pics and I will... in the NEXT post (honest hehhe).

One time I forgot to put on my hat/wig before answering the door and the plumber's eyes almost fell out of his head... after picking his jaw up off the floor he recovered rather well: "Well, it's a good thing you're pretty" he said, "Cos it would be absolutely awful if  you were bald AND ugly!"

Gotta admire some people's honesty! LOL.

So back to what I really came here to share with you -
Sisterlocks installation photos.

You've already seen Client Number 1 

Here's Client Number 2: 

Starting Length: 14 inches of thick curly hair.  See how it still looks erm.. 'frizzy' at the root despite being freshly installed? That's all down to hair texture - we definitely could not make any more rotations, the loc was tight all the way to the root but it LOOKS loose.

Client Number 3 started with 3-4 inches of tightly coiled hair. 

Client Number 4 had 9 inches of very fine hair with a looser wavier curl pattern. 

(Note the larger partings at the lower back due to 'sparsity - density' issues; no point have 6 locs with only 2 strands of hair in them instead of 2 locs with 6 strands)

Client Number 5 started with 6 inches of coily springy hair. My card reader is broken so I only have these two for ya - sorry.

I really love Sisterlocks :)
 (NB not hating on other types of locs before someone tries to bawl me out in the comments section. I love locs period. I'm just saying that I really love teeny tiny locs).

WELCOME TO THE TAPESTRY OF ME.... These are my words and this is my journey, from 'there to hair'! My life, the lessons learned in and through love and loves ones; and my hair affairs.


Nai said...

Well done girl, Them heds are looking good! Thanks for posting this as one of my mates is having it done in less than 2 weeks so would be good for her to see a Brit lockers examples.

Been offline for a bit! Thanks for the stylish blogger award! wrote it up and blogger lost it! as soon as I have time i will try posting again!

anthia-ofo said...

Your posts always make me laugh! 'map of Africa' well, it's a good map. Glad the man recovered. you are really good at your craft- well done.

V @ Locks-N-Motion said...

You are doing awesome! Keep it up?

Kittylocks said...

All I can say is brilliant and well done. These installations were done with much love. Kittylocks

Bajan Lily said...

@Nai - welcome back - was wondering where you were *grin* And all the best for your friend and her locking session!

@Anthia - another *grin*. They say 'laughter is the best medicine' eh? And thanks for the compliment

@V and Kittylocks- thank you, especially since the pair of you are veterans :)

Titus 2 Thandi said...

Was wondering if there wasn't a twinge of sorrow over your own head while installing, reading blogs :-( Great job, I also 'love' thin locs!


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