Wednesday, 1 June 2011

30 Day Challenge #1:

1. Five Ways to Win Your Heart

I'm going to answer this question from a romantic perspective (*grin*) These are things HRH has done to win and keep my heart over the years.

  1. Bring me flowers. I love them. They can be freshly cut or you can bring me a whole plant. It can be as simple as a single rose or calla lily or as elaborate as a mixed bunch of gerberas, leafy fronds and asiatic lilies. Flowers lift me. HRH doesn't like to make ostensibly 'romantic' gestures. The way he is - he just likes to move to his own beat, and is always moaning about 'who said this is the right thing to do?' so when he brings me flowers - it's definitely a heart warming moment and a treasured occasion
  2.  Breakfast (in bed - *huge grin*). I'm not just talking about the 'expected' occasions like say 'Valentine's Day' or my birthday. The ones that really stand out for me are the times when I've least expected it. Like when I was recovering after the birth of our son (C-section delivery) and he faithfully brought me breakfast in bed EVERY morning for almost 8 weeks. How sweet was that? And when I was bed-bound for almost 2 months in 2007 after suffering an injury to my foot, again, he would bring me breakfast every morning before he went to work, even if I was too drugged up to notice or thank him for it. I would wake up to a mug of hot steaming tea and and a pile of toasted of sandwiches... every morning.
  3. Be Confident. A healthy dose of self belief adds some genuine swagger to your stroll. I'm not talking about arrogance, or over-confidence or conceitedness but it's a real 'switch on' to see someone 'own a room', to be fully aware of what he (or she of course) can bring to this 'party' in a manner that shows they are not prepared for anyone to try to take that away from them (in some derogatroy, or humilitating or self-denigrating way). Know yourself. Know whom God called you to be, and don't let any MAN (or woman) try to tell you different.
  4. Stand Up. Take responsibility for your family. There is nothing as heart-warming as watching a father (biological or adopted) 'own' his kids. HRH became a different man when he became a father. I saw him giggle like a child and rough house with them like a pile of puppies. I've seen him step and change the foulest nappies and mop up kiddie vomit from the walls without a single complaint. I've seen him whisk away away a whingey babe and settle them in their beds like he was the Pied Piper... He has been involved in every possible way, from choosing names, to selecting nurseries, to taking the day off to nurse a sick child when mummy had to be at work that day. Mothers have a special role in raising children - but so do daddies and when both work in unison it can be a really beautiful thing. So dads - don't leave it all to mummy, carve out your own niche and make it your thing.
  5. BE HONEST. Don't hide stuff from me. Just bring the truth, straight up. If I can't count on you to warn me when I'm about to make a mistake - who can I count on? Have my back but don't just be reactive, be engaging and encouraging. As my partner we are in this together - and while you don't run my life, my decisions will ultimately affect OUR life so show an interest :) two heads are (most often) better than one lol.

Over to you Yahvinah *grin*

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WELCOME TO THE TAPESTRY OF ME.... These are my words and this is my journey, from 'there to hair'! My life, the lessons learned in and through love and loves ones; and my hair affairs.


Unknown said...

hehe done! I really like these, I wish I could add be confident to my list. Some breakfast would be nice too! ;D

msfullroller said...

I'm lovin' your list as well!

You are looking so beautiful, strong and confident yourself too lady!!


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