Sunday, 5 June 2011

30 Day Challenge #4:

Bullet Your Whole Day....
Alright - this post is going to be boring...  my life isn't THAT interesting... anyway here goes! (NB. I am skipping anything like 'brush teeth, have shower etc')

  • Get kids breakfast and ready for the day. 
  • Pick up clothes off the line. (Throw stones at the 5 foxes who think they own the garden).
  • Cart eldest kid off to Youth Group (Sunday School). - Yes, I should go too but I can't today because of point below.
  • Attend pottery making & painting class (with the younger kids) as part of friend's hen day activities.
  • Have Sunday Lunch with family (including daddy who is here in London on holiday).
  • Put younger kids down for their afternoon nap.
  • Revise for upcoming Anatomy & Physiology exam.
  • Fold laundry, do ironing, tidy up. 
  • Check over oldest child's homework.
  • Make sure oldest child's school shoes are polished (by HER not by me) and uniform is good to go. 
  • Make sure all relevant reports are ready (for work) and laptop is in the right bag.
  • Make sure all loctician tools are sterilised and stored - ready for this week's clients. 
  • Pray for God's guidance and providence for the upcoming week.
  • More revision: anterior and posterior muscles of the upper and lower leg.

WELCOME TO THE TAPESTRY OF ME.... These are my words and this is my journey, from 'there to hair'! My life, the lessons learned in and through love and loves ones; and my hair affairs.

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msfullroller said...

LOL @ the fox in your garden! You are one busy lady!


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