Sunday, 19 June 2011

UK Sisterlocks & Natural Hair Event - 26 June 2011

This post is a merging of two posts by two UK based bloggers (must give credit where due!!). Thanks to Nai and the Natural Lounge for originally publicising this event. My original comments are italicised, everything else will have been summarised from their posts.

I'm thinking of grabbing a couple of my clients and friends and heading on down... however, I may flake out at the last minute because it'll be the first sort of natural/sisterlocks event that I will attend without my locks... that said _ I went to Royal Ascot this weekend and didn't feel awkward (maybe because I hid behind my hat???) - anyway we'll see.

The event is being organised by the team (Liz and Judy) at Locks Royale - now Liz is one of the first British Sisterlocks Consultants... if you have the Sisterlocks journals - you will find a photo of herself, Carol (Tassahai) and Marie (Cammalocks) from back in the day.  I have always admired Liz - she gave it to me straight when I asked her how much it would cost to get Sisterlocks whereas others were reluctant to give ball park figures over the phone. Bless!
I think it's a brilliant idea, and the only reason I've taken so long to talk about it is because I have been out of commission nursing my 2 yr old who went down with chicken pox (Man Down! Man Down!) He's perking back up now - so life can sort of return to normal. (This also explains my lack of posts re: the 30 day challenge!!! Sorry)

The Sisters Who Lock -  Annual Social Gathering
Date: Sunday 26th June
Time: 5pm - 10pm
Cost: £10 which includes a complimentary glass of wine or soft drink; – light refreshments will be on sale.
Location Welbourne Centre, Chestnut Road, London N17 9EU. (5 mins walk from Tottenham Hale Station)
Guest Speaker: Life and Relationship Coach Des OConnor. (7pm sharp)
Who Should go? Everyone is welcome: locked sistas (traditional or micros!!), naturals AND permies.
What else is on offer?  Well, for those of you who remember 'Adornment' (I do!!!) there will be a mini 'Adornment' style sale.  This basically means that there will be Culturally inspired designers exhibiting their jewellery, clothing, greeting cards, bags etc. Sisterlocks products will also be on sale and to top it off, there'll be a photographer on hand to take your photo (which will be available for same day purchase). How cool?

This will also be a good opportunity for anyone thinking about starting sisterlocks to see them in their abundance, ask questions and share the experience of other sisterlocks wearers.

For more details please visit their website:
or give them a call: Liz Joseph (07956 346 385) or Judy (07950 703 789)

For details of other upcoming UK based events , please head on over to The Natural Lounge where Angel has compiled a very good list.  (Make sure you subscribe to her blog to stay in the loop).

WELCOME TO THE TAPESTRY OF ME.... These are my words and this is my journey, from 'there to hair'! My life, the lessons learned in and through love and loves ones; and my hair affairs.


hair re-growth for men said...

Wow, this is cool. I'm excited about this. Thanks for posting this information.

Nai said...

Heyyyyy! I was looking for YOUUUUUU!!! :((((
Hope you are well!!! x

hair re-growth for men said...

Yeah, I'm so sorry that I haven't there. I was sick and I'm so sad that I am not there. Yeah I am fine now.


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