Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Tek Yuh Hand Out Ma Child Head!

Yes, I'm back.. and I'm angry (lol)

First things first - what happened to me? (LOL)

The day after I published my last post (in which I mentioned I had gone awol because my son had chicken pox for 2 weeks) - my baby daughter manifested the same disease... chicken pox must have been in season because a few of my friend's children got it too and they hadn't seen us in aaaaaaaaaages and their kids don't go to the same nurseries either! 

So.. little Miss was sick AND I resigned from work - so at the moment I am a full time SAHM (stay at home mum) or rather I am a full time Sisterlocks 'Consultant' and loctician. I'll fill you guys in on all of that later - I just really wanna get this off my chest (which used to be the name of my blog "Off My Chest", lol)

On with the show...

Little Miss has a rather loose curl pattern, (y'all have seen the pics), cornrows and plaits work themselves loose in about 24 hours or so. I have learned that trying to 'contain' her hair in intricate designs or neat rows of braids is a complete waste of time - because they will look awful the next day (sometimes the next morning) no matter what we do and I am not going to put holding gel or wax in her hair for the sake of a style. Most days she wears two, three or four afro puffs and everyone is happy. Or almost everyone...

On more than a few occasions when I've sent Paz (the baby) to nursery with her hair done one way... her daddy or I will pick her up in the evening with her hair done ANOTHER way... At first this was amusing.. and once or twice (when I'd been run ragged nursing her brother back to health) it was even helpful ... but things have gotten out of hand now.

Back when it was still amusing, I asked who was doing her hair, the lone AfroCaribbean worker in the school nervously raised her hand. This is the worker that my daughter ADORES, every morning she will squeal and run to this lady and laugh and giggle... and Paz even goes so far as to blow kisses to this woman when she is leaving for the day. (Yes I am rolling my eyes). 

How could I chastise her? Plus she seemed genuinely frightened (maybe she thought I was going to report her to OFSTED or something...) so I just said: "Thank you, I was busy with so didn't have time to do it" - to which the Worker replied: "Oh it's no trouble, I LOVE doing her hair - its so soft and curly" literally gushing with enthusiasm... warning bells should have gone off in my head... I should have nipped it in the bud then, it would have saved me from ranting about now... but I thought it was harmless.

Over the next month I found myself frequently having to loosen hair bands that had been wrapped so tight that those tiny white hair bumps were appearing around Paz' hairline (Grrrrr...) I started to wonder how much hair was being tugged out during these daily hair REstyling sessions...I started to get annoyed BUT the Worker was never there when I arrived to take Baby home, nor when I dropped her off in the mornings...

Last night I made a batch of Hair Milk and Detangling Spray samples for cosmetic assessment. Before mailing  them to my testers I decided to run a quality check (using my daughters of course - I aint got no hair! lol).  I spent maybe half an hour, defluffling (removing lint and debris), detangling and twisting baby girl's hair. 

This morning I took down the back section (she had an awesome twist-out but I put it into two puffs), and I left the top front section as a cute curly twisted fringe. Even my older daughter commented on how cute she looked as we toddled off to school...

Fast forward to this evening.  I collect Little Miss and as I look at her I feel sick. "What happened to your fringe?"

Not only was the fringe untwisted... it was non-existent. Baby Girl's hair had been combed through (so much for the defined remnants of the twist out) and scraped into two tight puffs) - well la-di-da.  I was absolutely livid. In fact, I still am. 

"Mrs Worker, 
Do you have any idea the time and effort it took to put those twists in in the first place? I only did that last night.. why the blazes would you comb them out today? They weren't even frizzy yet? Did she fall into a vat of water? Did some kid wipe his spaghetti-os in her hair? What happened? All that effort for nothing - 
What a blooming waste of my time.Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? "

Here's what I think you should do from now on (in measured Bajan dialect) : "Keep yuh so and so hands outta my child head before I drive a kick in yuh."

Seriously people - what would you do? .... Even Paz wants to know

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