Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Sisterlocks: The Importance of Regular Retightening

My summer whizzed by - instead of having hot days filled with day trips and family outings, I found myself busy as a bee with installations and mature clients transferring in for retightening appointments. (Kid stuff was poured into every gap in between!)

I was going to write an article about the importance of retightening (or regular maintenance) but then I remembered that Blaq Kofi has already said it quite nicely (http://blaqkofi.blogspot.com/2011/03/importance-of-retightenings.html).

While adhering to a strict 4 week schedule may not be financially feasible (or time possible - for those of you who DIY) - it IS important to choose your frequency and stick with it as this will give you the BEST POSSIBLE result over time.  If you normally go every 6 weeks and have to stretch it to 8 weeks once or twice in a year - your hair shouldn't fall off your head (although Blaq Kofi did lose a loc or two doing that), what WILL happen is that your retightening session will take longer than you're used to and may cost more.  

If you regularly switch it up - 5 wks, 8, wks, 6 wks, 4 wks, 10 wks - you are likely to end up with lumpy, bumpy or even ropey locs... as a result of the uneven tension that will inevitably have been applied.  Let me explain - your hair normally grows at different rates. At 4 wks this may not be significantly noticeable, at 6-8 weeks your Consultant may notice one section (or more) requires more rotations than another section due to increased growth there... you can extrapolate...

The more new growth there is the greater the likelihood of uneven tension being applied by your Consultant or even yourself  (e.g. she may have another client on the way, you may be in a hurry, you may start day dreaming in the middle of a rotation, someone could interrupt you, your arms start to get tired etc etc etc). It is this uneven tension during the rotation that leads to mr lumpy, mr bumpy and mr ropey living in your head. If you don't mind this - then coolio - but if you paid for Sisterlocks/microlocks because you loved the UNIFORMITY of those many tiny locs - then please pay attention to your retightening.

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