Monday, 26 September 2011

Why Did This Article Annoy Me?

Back in July I came across an article that really riled me up. It was entitled: "The Beauty of Bald".

Why should that bother me? Well, obviously I clicked on it hoping to read an inspirational story about another woman (or even a man) coming to terms with their hair loss, hoping that I'd find some morsel of wisdom to help me 'keep on keeping on' you know?

But - to my disappointment, it wasn't written by someone who was bald. In fact - I came to the conclusion that the title had been chosen simply because it sounded good or was an attention grabber. The author did have a TWA (or what we'd probably call an 'all off' or buzz cut) - but bald she was not.

Overall, it was an interesting story and detailed her exploration of self and how she came to terms with her FACE and her 'ethnicity' (she mentions how she didn't like her twa because it made her look 'too black') - but I was still disappointed at her use of the sensational headline.

Yes, you may think I am being overly sensitive and I probably am - but I live in my skin and it's me battling with this baldheadness daily so I feel I can rant or get upset for a minute - cos I WILL get over it. (I am NOW obviously) - what I'm trying to say is I know we all love our hair, and we have tons of blogs and youtube channels dedicated to Sisterlocks, traditional locks, natural hair and relaxed hair etc - I'm not saying we should shut them down because of bald people (lol) - what I'm saying is : 'a little sensitivity please?'.... if you're gonna talk about being 'bald' and you're not.... then don't. Call it as it is - you have a very low haircut... and it's beautiful... how about 'My Beautiful Fuzz' or 'The Beauty of a Buzz cut'?

Here's a Buzz Cut (see the fuzz?)

Here's BALD (no hair at all)

Trust me - there's a difference lol. OK ok, I'm done :)  Have a good weekend peeps.

WELCOME TO THE TAPESTRY OF ME.... These are my words and this is my journey, from 'there to hair'! My life, the lessons learned in and through love and loves ones; and my hair affairs.


Nubian1 said...

If you gotta vent, you go on ahead and do just that! It's where you are at. Go with the flow and 'let it go'. Better out than in

Bajan Lily said...

Thanks Nubian!

Titus 2 Thandi said...

Oh, I can almost relate.The health minister here wants to ban formula because it's not healthy.For someone like me who had brest surgery at age 13 and cannot is a huge 'ouch.' As are all judgmental posts by breast-is-best fanatics.The over-sealous ones.Actually..I've just realised that this is probably very different to what you're saying! So let me shut up and talk about you...Yeah,the headline was totally misleading!You have the right to be 'sensitive.' It takes the 'sensitive' to inform the uninformed,like us.Thank you.

anthia-ofo said...

Bajan,I agree with you! I hate it when people make sweeping statements they don't mean such as'It's only hair-I wouldnt care if I woke up with no hair', then why are you spending so much time grooming,styling the hair you don't care about? Or the anti'fake hair' brigade. Not that I'm for fake hair, but don't judge those sistas who need the help. The title is totally misleading and she probably never thought about it bc she's never been bald!

Bajan Lily said...

Hiya ladies,

I was indeed feeling particularly out of sorts over it all.

@Thandi - I DO understand what you are saying and it IS similar in terms of 'sensitivity'. Yes, it's easy to vilify formula based on the evidence of malnutrition (when used incorrectly/watered down due to poverty); however to blanket 'vilify' doesn't take into account those who genuinely NEED to use it - just like you say. (Ps, so sorry about your breast surgery but glad you're alive to tell your tales!)

It is much like Anthia says: those sweeping statements (and especially the one Anthia mentions) DO make me bristle because realistically ANYONE would freak out if they woke up with no hair... and some women cultivate a very strange (almost idolistic) relationship with their hair - especially after going natural...
@ Anthia - I am SO with you :)


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