Saturday, 22 October 2011

Sisterlocks Installation Photos

More photos of Client Number 5

Younger clients can always be a bit tricky; their heads are smaller (and still growing) and their hairlines can be very fragile, fine or unusual. 

You'll see that this young one has a very narrow section of hair forward of her ears which limits the number of locks you can put in without making them very very small.

The hair was quite dense and both the client and her mother requested a larger parting pattern in order to reduce the number of locs they'd need to retighten (ie to reduce the duration of sittings) since the child is particularly active (lots of extra curricular activities) and wouldn't want to spend hours sitting for a retightening.  In total she has just under 400 locs.

More photos in the previous post:

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V @ Locks-N-Motion said...

Her locks are looking good. My daughter's hair line is fragile and missing hair on the sides as well. My oldest son's hair line was the same way but it has been resolved. I just hopes her hairline resolves as well.


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