Sunday, 25 March 2012

Bajan Baby is TWO!

Happy Birthday Baby!

From this

Day One

To This... 

Day 20

1 month
1 Month

To This

11 Months

 To This
18 Months

To This

2 years! (Loving my gramma)

2 Years! (loving my fro!)

Lord, we are truly grateful for every minute you've allowed us to share with our little pumpkin.

Thank you for her wonderful spirit, the way she embraces life and loves every plant and animal she can find.

Thank you Thank you Thank you that when those doctors were shaking their heads and telling us to brace ourselves... You stepped in and spoke LIFE into her little yellow body and called her back... and those same doctors shook their heads in bewilderment wondering how she made it.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Happy Birthday Pazzie Bear xxxx

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JUST Euphoria said...

I feel like we are sistahs from another mother, our lives are so parallel to each other, with that said my mom had her last kid at 44 he was born early weighed in at 1lb 2oz nasal passage undeveloped as well as a rare snydrome called conradi hunermann syndrome & for the most part they dont live past the age of 3 well the doc's said put him in a group home he wont know nothing & he will be profoundly retarded. He stayed in the hospital for months he came hoe with a G button because he couldn't swallow & a trachea because of the underdeveloped nasal passages! Well 25 years, my brother graduated with his regular class never spent a day in special Ed class, excelled in the IQ test, can beat the best of them playing video games, computer savoy & can balance his bank account, he no longer has a G tube or a trachea, he's been through a lot in his life but he beat the odds! Doctor's can only tell you what they read from a text book, but they cant tell you what God has prepared for you!So Happy Birthday to the lil' one & many many more!!

Bajan Lily said...

Thanks Euphoria - what a testimony! Wow!

Afrolady said...

I just had to drop a note saying how precious your little one is. She has a light in her eyes that is bigger than the SUN. What a treasure she is and I know your heart leaps for joy every timen you look at her!! WOW!! I am truly amazed. Hotep!!


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