Saturday, 24 March 2012

Loc Weaves and Loc wigs

Hi guys,

I don't think I ever shared my experiences with the kind ladies who create wigs and weaves from locks in order to repair or cover large areas of hair loss for loc wearers: traditional or otherwise.

Gerrylocs were recommended to me by three of my readers and 2 close friends when my hair first started falling out.

When I began to explain my hair loss to her, the first thing Gerry said was: "I'm so sorry for your loss - it must be very hard for you".

Her empathetic response triggered a shower of tears from me as it was so touching to hear someone speak so tenderly about what was happening to me - she genuinely seemed and seem to understand how painful it all was and that is what singles her out for me...

She wasn't dismissive of the personal aspect of things, she was more than just interested in slapping some glue on my scalp and sticking on a (straight) lacefront without considering my desire to have a natural look. She took time to listen to me and find out what was causing the hairloss and what sort of look I wanted to achieve. THAT really mattered to me!

Unfortunately for me, due to financial constraints at the time, I wasn't able to invest in a replacement unit for myself but my experience with the owner of Endless Creations (Gerry Mayo) was completely pleasant and professional.

There is a South African blogger (Gerrylocs) who is a walking testimony to her work (note: this lady did not suffer from any hairloss) and one of our lovely UK bloggers has also made use of her services.

copyright Gerry Mayo,

Based on my experience and her references, I would personally recommend Gerrylocs for sisterlocks and micro lock wearers.

I came across this other company on facebook today and their portfolio looks good as well.
Her name is Andrell Cox and the company is called Loc Rehab.

If I can - I plan to interview them both in the near future because I think that'd be a really nice article.

If you know of any other companies who are doing lock replacement units (not just lock repairs) let me know and I'll update this post.


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JUST Euphoria said...

Mrs. Gerry is a really sweet lady I had the pleasure of meeting her & as well I have one of her hair pieces. I am so thankful for her God giving abilities & she has just informed me that she is making sisterlock wigs now, even though I love her piece I don't wear it any more, for 1 we did all of our interactions via e-mails & at the time I decided it was time for me to stop coloring my hair so I had 2 inches of black roots with over 12 inches of brown hair my hair piece is black at first I was color coding my hair to match but that's not what I wanted to do any more. #2 reason was I did not want to cut a sample lock from the front of my head due to my balding issues so I sent her one from the back not realizing how mini my locks are in the front as compared to the back so the locks on my piece are to big to blend in with the top therefore making it look wiggy & people would ask more questions then usual when I had it in, & I would love for her to make me another piece but I don't have that kinda of money right now!! & thanks for the link to the other hair loss site looks interesting


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